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spice. Forty-eight percent Syrah, 26 percent Petite Sirah, 21 percent Grenache, and five percent Mourvèdre.) It was a great complement to the variety of flavors in our entrées. Gary commented that the tacos were as good as always; with just the right blend of spice and cool, fish and slaw. In case you weren’t aware, Rosy’s Fish Tacos have been voted the best fish tacos by the San Jose Mercury News. Annie’s salmon burger was large, tasty and benefited from the bottle of hot sauce on the table. She noted that the garlic fries were a perfect complement. J.Chris thought they went well with her Salmon (but she just sampled a few). The Mango Shrimp was a hit with me. It was sweet, fresh and tangy….the flavors came together perfectly. While we were quite satiated with our meal thus far, we just couldn’t pass up dessert. We ordered Bread Pudding (with warm whiskey sauce and topped with whipped cream) Strawberry Shortcake, a Chocolate Sundae, and I ordered my favorite, the uniquely Rosy’s little gem, a Soup Spoon Sundae (one perfect bite of ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.) The Soup Spoon Sunday is only 50¢ but is the perfect finish to a large meal; if one just wants a taste of something sweet! Before we realized it, the restaurant was clearing out. It was after 9 pm on a work night; early morning work schedules were quickly approaching. It was time to head home. Strawberry Shortcake Spoon Sundae Chocolate Sundae Bread Pudding A special thanks to Rosy’s at the Beach and our friends, Gary Walton and Annie Palmer for a great dining experience. Salmon Burger w/Garlic Fries Mango Glazed Sautéed Prawns GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN Prawn Linguini SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 103