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EZEE GOLF It was only a matter of time before someone would invent a club that doesn’t require a swing in order to hit the ball! We have driverless cars now, right? Well that time is here. The EZEE golf club does the same thing. All you need to do is to place the club head behind the ball and pull the trigger. The charge in the chamber triggers the piston which fires out and strikes your golf ball. An adjustment valve controls how far the ball will travel from 50 yards to 225 yards. You can even slice and hook the ball by adjusting the tilt in our club and where you strike the ball. This club is perfect for many people in many ways. How about the pure beginner who can now go out and play with gofers who have played all their lives? Or, the disabled person whose love of the game is there but the ability to swing is gone. I have used this cub many times during fundraiser tournaments. The look on the face of a person when the ball goes flying more than 200 yards down the fairway when they have never hit a ball over 100 yards in their life is truly one to remember. Contact Gilroy Golf Course for information on the EZEE golf club or go to FLING GOLF Fling Golf combines Lacrosse and golf. The difference is that you play Fling Golf on a conventional golf course. The “Fling Stick” is loaded with a golf ball and then hurled down the fairway. Different techniques provide different results. Shorter shots are hurled upward like a flop shot or flipped low like a bump and run. There is a putting iron on the head of the stick so when you’re hitting on the green you can putt relatively conventionally. You can play Fling Golf on any course as you would regular golf. To learn more, go to GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN NITE GOLF If you haven’t played a game of Nite Golf, put in on your bucket list. Nite Golf is played after the sun goes down, with glow in the dark golf balls. The darker it is, the better the experience. A lighted golf ball flying through the night sky looks like a tracer rocket. The special golf balls fly surprisingly close to the distance of a conventional ball. The flag sticks, cups and tee markers are all illuminated, to help guide you around the course. Partici- pants wear glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces so they can be spotted in the dark. A great way to spend a sum- mer evening. Nite Golf is a popular choice for fundraising events. If you’re interested in a game of Nite Golf with family or a group of friends, contact Gavilan Golf Course, (408) 846-4920, or visit JUMBO HOLES One change that is start- ing to gain some traction at golf courses across the country is the 15-inch cup. Do you know how much faster a round of golf will be and how much lower your score will be when the up is three times larger than a conventional cup? Beginners will be less frustrated and advanced players can now make a putt more often an even have a chip in or two during a round. Look for the 15-inch cup coming to a golf course near you. If you are too set in your ways to try one of these golf alternatives, but still want to try something a little different, cut loose and have a little fun while you’re on the course. Try playing with less than 14 clubs. It will lighten your load and also allow you to be a little more creative when you have to hit a shot with a club that isn’t ideally suited for the shot. How about moving up a set of tees to shorten the course and enhance your experience? Or, play fewer hole. I’m sure you can play a route of your course that shortens your round to get a tasted of the course when you don’t have time to play a full 18- or 9-hole round. Maybe it’s a rainy day or late in the evening and no one is on the course. Try cross country! Challenge yourself and play the course in an unconventional manner. Invent a new par 3 or a long par 6. Just be careful when you do this. Remember, golf is fun. Play it conventionally or alternatively, but get out on the golf course. It’s a beautiful game played in a beautiful place. Enjoy it. JULY/AUGUST 2017 99