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Now Playing “Into the Woods Jr.” By Stephen Sondheim & James Lapine After that he was approached by the Gilroy Arts Alliance about producing a show in their newly-acquired Gilroy Center for the Arts Building located at 7th and Monterey. After three productions between the two locations he and Alan put together the idea of starring their own theater company. When Kevin told Alan, who has never been involved in any aspect of theater, Alans response was simply, “How can I help you make this happen?” And thus, in 2001, Limelight Actors Theater was born. Since that time, Kevin and Alan have produced 32 shows at Limelight. I asked him what he enjoys most about being on stage I front of an audience. “The energy. The laughter. The quiet moments when you know you have the audience in the palm of your hand. The applause. The deep emotional connections the patrons share with you after a show. Making an audience cry. Having the chance to work hard at becoming a character, and feeling that support from the audience when you take the stage. For many years, I played the “Jerry Lewis” characters and loved every minute of it. As I get older, I still love it, but I’m also excited about playing characters that convey a variety of emotions, like roles with depth. Over the next couple of years I will take on roles that are a different direction for me, and I am looking forward to that. I won’t ever give up the comedic roles, how- ever. That’s where I started and that’s probably where I will end one day. Leave ‘em laughing! Kevin credits his family for their support of his acting. “My mother strongly supported my dream of the stage. To this day, she never forgets to say ‘break a leg’ on opening night. Her sister, my aunt, has always supported me, too Even in poor health, she came to Gilroy to see me on sta K^HݙB^HۛX[ۈX]\'B[H[]][ۈYH[[Y[YXܜX]\&\\Z[X[ۈو8'H][YK8'HX[”\[X\ H ۛH\H[H]x&\[œX[[\X[] X]]\[[Xۈ\˜Y[[Y][][]HX]\܈ݙ\ HYX\ˈH\\[HB\Yۙ\&\\\[܈[\YۋH[[Y[X\وH[[BX[ۈ\[K\[B[[ۋ[\[X][H[Y][X]\SH8(SԑSS8(SPTS[H M] H[[H MH8$ B[HX]\\[و[\]ܚ]H\X\8$[\[K]HYY[ X [\X[[H[B][\\X[HX][[و\X\ܚ[[HX\˂H]\X[[\ۈHZ\[\YK\]HB[[\[K\\][H[&\\][[X\\\[]HZ[ˈ[HZ\[\YBX\]^H[]HH[X]\HوH]8&\\KB]ٙۈH\^HXZH\H[[\[Yܙ]\H\\^\][H\\Yوۙ[ZYBY[˂TT[[Y\ܘ[H8(ۙ[ZYHXY[^B \Y[Y]8([H8(\\YX][ۋ^]KK\'H[H[\[YۈH^HHܝ[x'B]\X[\XH\[ۙZ[BH\][ݙH[\H[\ \[X\ K  K L  MK M  ’[\YHH\\وH[Y[X[^]ܚY]]\Š Lx$N KXYX[H]Y\Z[\ܚ[\[[[ B\XKH]\X[[H]HܞHوH]HY]Y\˜[\][\[\YYHH[[\[[X\\H\^܋H\^\X[H\X[[Y[ق\K[Y[[H[[Z[وܜ\\وZ\Z[Y[]H \]Y[H[[\X\\Z\[[\[\\ۙB[\K[]\X[[Y[ۈX[\ˈH]H\]\™HH[Hٝ[\YH]Y][HYYX[Y[HܞN'H[H[\[YۈH^HHX]\'K[[YYH8( NLH[ۈ[H8([B[[YYKB'H][Yx'HHXHܘZ[B\[X\ K  K L  MK M  ’[H[[Y\YHۈ\\XZH^K[\\]Y[[ܝ[X\H\[Z[x&\]\H]YY]]\\[BH\YH[ۋ]H[وZ\ۋ\[\\X\HYH]\]ZXH[[[ۈܛ[[YB[[\[[XYܙHHYH\] \[XH[\]\[[܈[\[[[[ۈ[\Y\[ۙH[Z[x&\š\^H]HXYۛ\و[Z[Y\˂[Y[YXܸ&\X]\8( H[۝\^HY]8([B[Y[YXܜX]\B'Y\'HH\[ۙZ[B\[X\ K MK M M K ؙ\ K  •H[YH\ NMK[X]X[[\\\[[Z]HZ\X[H][[ۈو^ QY\\ܛY\[\ܝ[X[X]K][HYH܈H\YHو[X[\XH\[Y[¸'[^HZ[ 8'H8'x&[H[\x'H[8'Y^HXK'H[ZYH[Z[\[ZYKXYY\\ۙ۝YH[X\[]X]Z\\[\[ Z[XK]YXH]H]\KՐ8( ML[۝\^HY8([ܙ[[8(ݘ ܙ’SKUQT M™Z^KBM