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Accelerated Reader (AR) reading program. “I think this is our seventh year with AR. We find that it really helps with comprehension and vocabulary. And in addition to the reading curriculum, it really helps with reading achievement,” Goris said. Pacific Point also offers a national arts program, Deep Space Sparkle. “It’s been a great program, kids really enjoy the art.” A new addition to Pacific Point this year is the school garden, and all students are encouraged to record observations of garden projects in journals. According to Goris, “It really combines science and writing, and students get to eat [what they grow].” Annual tuition at Pacific Point is approximately $7,000 per student, which Goris said may be the lowest among private schools in the area. “I just think we have a great program here,” Goris said, “It’s a well-rounded program.” Pacific Point Christian School is accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) and AACSI (American Association of Christian Schools International). Crossroads Christian Elementary School MORGAN HILL & GILROY CAMPS AVAILABLE • Summer Day Camps • Sports Camps • Art & Dance Camps • Specialized Camps • Teen Camps • STEM Camps Financial assistance available. Crossroads Christian Elementary School is a private school and a ministry of the Crossroads Christian Center with 40 years of serving the South County community’s educational needs. The school serves 135 students in Pre-K through Fifth Grade. Marsha Anguiano has dedicated 17 years of service to the school, as a teacher, and for two years now, as its principal. “We’re a big family here, and we all understand that it takes each one of us to make it work and [deliver] the best program for the kids,” Anguiano said. Crossroads Christian Elementary School participates in Terra Nova, a national stan ɑ镐ѕѥɽɅѥ镐) ɥѥ̸͍ɑѼեѡ͍)ɅѡѽԁɍЁѥ+q=ȁՑ́ݽɬɐȁѕ̰ݡɔ)ɕѥݽɬɐѼЁѡѡɔͼЁ́ӊe)ѡt)Q͍́ձѥхЁ镸ѕ)́Ёх ́ͥ锁Ʌչ́ɽȁѼ)Ց̸+q$ѡ٥͵٥ɽЁɔݔЁѼ)܁ѡmՑtݕݔЁѼ܁ѡ)ݕtեͅq]ѼѕѡݡP)ЁЁϊQѡЁѡ䁹ѼЁѡ)չ䁅ͥѥٔՕѡչ今t)Յեѥȁѡܴ͍啅ȁݥ)ȁхՑ̸9܁Ց́ݥɕٔѕ)ɍЁ͍չиͥх́مѼՑ)́ѡЁՅ丁Q͍́᥉եѥѥ)ȁɕ͍Ց̰Ց䁽ȁձ䰀Ե)ȁѥݕѥ̸)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)M%8U@Q=dܹ嵍عɜյȵ)5и5e5 Ȁ)!Ѡݕ́)ɕɕѥȁ̄)AͽQɅɽɍ͔ѹ́ ѕȃ)嵹ͥմ-́ Ո%ȁAݥѠ݅ѕȁͱ+Mȁ ѕȃQ ѕȀ5ɔ)YͥЁܹɌȁȸ))U1dUUMP)ѽ乍(