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Men’s Fashion Misdemeanors ◗ Visible stocking-foot seams with open-toed shoes Wearing clothes that are clean and in good condition is one thing, but style choices are another. Don’t shy away from personal expression, but avoid these missteps: ◗ Buttoned garments that gap and show skin or underwear better left hidden ◗ Poorly fi tted clothes-too baggy or too tight ◗ Wearing a dress meant for evening during the day ◗ Shoes in bad condition ◗ Jewelry that jingles or clang ]X]\\H[YY[[]HZ]8ܛ[\[[[]¸ܛ][[¸ݙ\H\H܈ZYY[]\X[\ZHX[\X[\H]8'ܛX[8'H܈\[^x&\ܛ \XX[H[[YܛXH[ܚYH\HH[[BXX]Z[ H[XY\H]\]8'\X[8'H\[^\HHH܈[\X]KY][ۘ[\œ[\]XK]8&\^\Y[H[ۛ[[[B[H\X[[[[H[\\H]]][H\\H\[[\\X[ۜY\][ۋHH[H[\[[ H[H\XݙBݙ\Y][ۘ[\[\[\\ˈو\K\H\HۛHY\[ۜ[ZY[[\ˈ]\][Y\\[[\]܈\\]\]X^HB[[[H]\K]YHۛ\\[܂[K\[^\HݙHX\[H[HB][[x&\H[[[][[x&\H][ YHܝBHYH]Hܝ \Y]Y\]X][KZX]HۈHZ[[[X[]¸[YZ\ۈ\\Y[•Y[&\\[ۈZ\[YX[ܜHZ\܈\[\\Y[[]Y\[˜[ܜX[[و\H[[ۈ\[ۈ]΂[]\Y ܝ ܈]X[[܈H\[ۂ[YZ\ۈ\\Y[“–[\\]\B^Bٙ\[H[[HقX]]B\X\¸(Z\܈ ] Y[ Y[B(ܛX[Z\[[ ]¸(^[[ۜ ^Y[\ Z\B(][XZKU\8(XX[^[¸(X[X\\8(\][X]Y[¸(]YH܈\X\‘SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSSKUQT M™Z^KB