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County Update With Santa Clara County Supervisor Mike Wasserman New Urgent Care Center Coming to South County! T he Gilroy Valley Health Center—located at 7475 Camino Arroyo—is one of eleven health facilities operated by the County’s Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC). Since the Gilroy facility opened its doors in 2008, we have seen the demand for urgent and primary care capacity increase signifi cantly. To meet this growing need, my colleagues and I, on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, recently approved funding to build an urgent care center within the existing facility on Camino Arroyo The new 12,000 square foot center will reflect changes in technology and services, offering walk-in style urgent care with night and weekend hours and serving up to 20,000 patients annually. The project re-purposes space 72 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN recently vacated by the medical records department as a result of the implementation of the new electronic medical records system—HealthLink. The project also improves on adjacencies, moving the Women, Infant, & Children’s (WIC) services adjacent to the Pediatric Department and locates the Behavioral Health services adjacent to the Adult Medicine Department. The Urgent Care Center will include seven exam rooms, care team work areas, and full ancillary support services. After the County reviews construction bids and selects a contractor, construction will begin later this year with plans to open its doors in summer 2018. The project is estimated to cost $5 million and will be funded with existing 2012 Measure A revenue. For over 140 years, the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and Clinics have been integral parts of the public healthcare delivery system here in Santa Clara County. As with all SCVMC facilities, the Urgent Care Center in Gilroy will provide high quality, cost-effective medical care to all residents of Sant 6&6VG&Vv&FW72bFV"&ƗGFW"FVbvǒVƖfVBF7F'2W'6W2B7Ff`ffW"vFRf&WGb6W'f6W26VFrf֖ǒVF6R"wVFG&72BVFG&27V6FW2"&FwFv7F2vr6fVVB6FR&7B&RvR&R&VBbFR6&VV6fR676FR@fFfRVF6&R6W'f6W2&fFVB'W"6֗GFV@7FfbV6BWfW'F( FBFR7FBF&VvWBFPVWfVVFf6ƗFW26FVB7&726F6&6VGFW&旦rB7&V6rFR6W'f6W2ffW&VB'W VF6Ɩ722W7BRbFRv26F6&6VGvfW&VB2&fFr( &VƖfRV( F&W6FVG2WfW'FV&&RB67f2&pTŒTuU5B#pvևFF6Х7WW'f6"֖Rv76W&v2VV7FVBFFR6F6&6VG&&Bb7WW'f6'2fV&W"#B&RVV7FVB#BR&W&W6VG2F7G&7Bv66VFW2v&6'F&v2vF2FR6W&VB'F2b66Rࢇ7WW'f6'v76W&&r