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COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS HEARTS OF GILROY LUNCHEON In May, Community Solutions held its annual “Hearts of Gilroy” Women’s Luncheon & Auction Fundraiser at the Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Gilroy. Community Solutions supporters, sponsors, and volunteers came together to raise funds to improve the lives of local children and families affected by abuse, violence, and mental health issues. Community Solutions President Erin O’Brien introduced one of the organization’s clients, who shared her powerful story of transformation. This year’s Hearts of Gilroy Award went to the Gilroy Assistance League 1̤ȁѡȁͥѥٔЁѡɽ䁍չ丁 兹е!Ёѽ)Ёɥ锁ȁݕɥѡЁхձȁ䵍ٕɕյ̸ٕЁͽ́Ցѥձє)Mѥ̰ ɥѽȁIAձ)͵ѠA I ɐ5ɭѥ)Ё)5Qͽ)Q=dAѽ́-ɱݕ)) չMѥ́хȰMհ)酱谁ݥѠЁȰMѡ)ɽͥх1Ք1̤ɕɕ͕хѥٕ́ɕ٥ѡ!)ɽ݅ɐȤAɅ䰁A山́5ѕ 兹д)!аAձ͵Ѡ)5ɑͥ)ȁM)MхձȁḾ݅ɐ]Ʌ!(ɕѥФ 兹е!ЀЁ唁э)ɥ ѕȀЁ͕͡)5Yչѕ́ՑȤ ɱɔ٥) ఁ Ʌ9唰 ɥ ݔ)ͽ)Mѕ̰51ȁ)͵ѠЁɕ)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)Qɕ̈́-ɹ)I ɽ )她ѡٕи))U1dUUMP)ѽ乍(