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San Martin SAN JOSE STATION APPROACH SUBSECTION 18 STANISLAUS COUNTY 87 SAN JOSE ATGRADE/AERIAL 880 680 ue ven a A SR 87 TO I280 REFINED PROGRAM ALIGNMENT SAN JOSE DIRIDON AT GRADE 85 ue n ve a A 140 lm t A es W MERCED COUNTY WEST OF COYOTE CREEK PARKWAY 165 US 101 TO EAST GILROY AERIAL/ATGRADE US 101 TO DOWNTOWN GILROY AERIAL/ATGRADE/TRENCH MONTEREY ROAD VIADUCT TO DOWNTOWN GILROY AERIAL/ATGRADE 33 PACHECO PASS REFINED PROGRAM SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY CROSSING HENRY MILLER ROAD EAST OF UPRR TO EAST GILROY AERIAL/ATGRADE 152 GILROY EAST ALTERNATIVE AERIAL/ATGRADE SANTA CRUZ COUNTY GILROY DOWNTOWN ALTERNATIVE AERIAL/ATGRADE/TRENCH 152 a D e F ru 25 1 PACHECO PASS CLOSE PROXIMITY TO SR 152 Ca s EAST OF UPRR TO DOWNTOWN GILROY AERIAL/ATGRADE/TRENCH Alm st We SAN JOSE TO MERCED SECTION SAN JOSE TO THE WYE 280 SAN JOSE SANTA CLARA COUNTY San Martin is part of South Santa Clara County, located between Morgan Hill and Gilroy. Like its neighbors, San Martin will be impacted by the High- Speed Rail, along with several other sections of County land. The County has reviewed the Authority’s proposed alignments, and identified poten- tial conflicts with alignments going through Coyote Valley and central San Martin as well as East Gilroy. The County is also waiting to hear from CHSRA staff about another alignment to the east along 101 (presented by CHSRA but subsequently removed from consideration, citing engineering challenges). The County believes that alignment might be preferable to others. In 2010, County Supervisor Mike Wasserman requested that the Authority host a meeting for South County to give residents access to the decision-makers of a public works project that would impact their lives.  Since then, he has met with staff from the Authority and the County to gather information and voice the concerns of the community. Last December he facilitated a community meeting where residents could pose questions and express their concerns to the Authority. The County is studying proposed HSR alignment alternatives and working with the cities of Morgan Hill and Gilroy to recommend preferred alignments that consider the area’s rural character, environmental impacts, private property, noise and other factors. San Martin resident Linda Camerary said she was frustrated after having attended a dozen High- Speed Rail meetings. “San Martin is not represented in any alignment. This train will go through our town every ten minutes at 90 decibels. It’s going to affect this town more than anything that has happened. I voted for [Prop 1A], thinking it would go through the Altamont Pass. It doesn’t stop here, so it’s not a commuter train for our community. We’re going to get no benefits.” WYE ALTERNATIVES STUDY AREA ta 156 LEGEND SAN BENITO COUNTY N MONTEREY COUNTY 0 2.5 5 San Jose to Wye Proposed Alignments 10 Miles Central Valley Wye Alignments Other HSR Alignment Sections Proposed HSR Stations DRAFTAPRIL 13, 2016 Morgan Hill In 2010 it was jointly agreed, in collaboration with Morgan Hill, Gilroy and the CHSRA, that Morgan Hill would forego consideration as a station area city. Since that time, Morgan Hill has been focused on significant economic and community development in its downtown area. Many residents and business owners view the HSR as a significant disruption to the City’s quality of life. Of those who work in Silicon Valley, few see the HSR as a commuter solution, though it has merits as a mode of travel to attract more tourism. According to Mayor Steve Tate, “There’s no sign that the High-Speed Rail is going away though we don’t know how it’ll be paid for. Since there’s little direct benefit we must find other ways to minimize impact and see what benefit can be had. To that end, City staffers are proactively exploring possibilities that dovetail with the City’s strategic priorities. For example, during HSR construction, the City could tie expand wireless internet access; and install purple pipe to bring recycled water from Gilroy. On May 24th, Morgan Hill City Council invited Ben Tripousis to present a HSR project update. Most attendees were frustrated by unanswered questions. The City’s Economic Development Director, Edith Ramirez, eased concerns as she presented steps being taken by City staff and several consulting firms to better evaluate the Authority’s proposed alternatives and influence its decision-making. Ramirez said Michael Baker International “will do a peer review of what the Authority has put forth” in terms of alignments being considered, or in the case of the alignment along the 101 right of way, overruled. “We want a clear understanding of design and construction issues for each alignment and the criteria by which they are being evaluated by the Authority based on their goals.” She added that Urban Field Studio “will identify rail design and operation impacts on Morgan Hill, paying particular attention to ‘sensitive areas’ and helping the City develop standards guidelines that will be given to the Authority to uphold. She said the community would be invited to engage with this step. In addition, Kitchell Construction will help to review and ensure that bring city standards and codes are up to date and complete, and the construction documents reflect the updates. “We’re asking the firm to help us think through the rail project GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JULY/AUGUST 2017