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Health Wise with Crystal Han Should You Take Probiotics? Y ou’ve probably heard a thing or two about probiotics and how great they are for you. Some people swear by their beneficial effects, while others remain skeptical. So what’s the bottom line? Do probiotics really live up to their good name? To fully understand the role of probiotics, we must first understand the role gut health plays in our overall wellbeing. Our gut is home to some three hundred to five hundred different species of bacteria, amounting to as much as one hundred trillion bacteria overall. That’s ten times more bacte- rial cells than we have human cells! Roughly 80 percent of the bacteria in the gut work to keep peoplehealthy, while the other 20 percent are harmful. This delicate ecosystem is what’s known as our gut microbiome. The 80/20 balance of good to bad bacteria affects many aspects of our bodies, most noticeably our digestion. Doctors have found that an unbalanced gut microbiome plays a large part in digestive issues such as constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, and ulcerative colitis. Studies have shown that there is a 90 percent success rate in healing digestive issues when healthy bacteria is introduced to patients. An estimated 80 percent of our immune system is located in our gut, which means that if our microbiome is imbalanced we will have a harder time warding off illnesses. People who get sick easily and take longer to recover are more likely to have more bad bacteria than good in their gut than. Often d XY8'HXۙZ[8'B\]^\]HXZ܈[Y[Hۂ\[[Y[[X[\[ [XYY[H[\[[[\B]H[YZ[[ۈ]\ۜ]\\H\[\X\\\[BSKHS^\[[\ܝ[H[HX[ۈو\HY\[]\[Z]\ZH\ۚ[XL \H\ۜXH܈Y[][[ [X[YY\ܜ[]HHX[BZXܛؚ[YH]XܙX\YY[[ق[[\ۙ\[\\[ۋHܛ[[[[و\X\]]X\XH[Y[\]\][™Hܘ][[Y]X\HšX[H[ܚY\\Y\XܘHHHX] \X\\]BXX[H[]ؙ\H[]YX[šY \[[ܙHوHX\XHZ[[Y\ZX]\X[HB^X[ܚY\H\^Y\[\H[ܚY\[] ۝\[KX[[H]HL\[[ܙHقHX\XHZ[[YX\Y]\X[XZۈ\\[X\[ܝ\[X[\]BH\\\[\K\ZX]\[X\Y]\\[&]HۛHZ[][[Y[HZY ]H[\]\]X\XHZY[[ܙB[HZY[˂\]ZXܛؚ[YH\\[\]YB\\[\[ˈ]\][B]\][HX] [Y[\B[[Hو\ZXܛؚ[YK[BX][X[[HوY\܈\YZH[X[X۸&]^\\K܂]\Y \X\XHYB[H\Y[Z[\HY\]K\[[[[\^HوX[؛[\˂\\\Hؚ[X\HYš[ Z[ؚ[X]\\]HY[[HH\[\[܂Z[ܘ[HZ[وX\XK\H[\[[K^H\HۜY\YYHݙ\[܈X[H[H[[H[Z]\[HܛHو]B[\\X\[\܈\Y[Y܈[ܛX[ ][][ܛ\X\\[\˂HۜYHؚ[X\]^H\H\HY]\H\[Y[[ \YܙK۸&][\H\[˜[\ݘ[\]Y˂\YX[]]\[\[H\HX[YX\\XZH\H]HX\YH[\ܛ\\BX[Z[\˂SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSSKUQT M•HX[[Y]وؚ[X˜\H[\HZ[XYXˈ[ؚ[XZ[\H\Y[ \XX[BY[x&\HZ[[HX]HXYXœ؛[K[YH[[\\H]\Z[YYX][ۜˈYH[H[^\Y[HYHYXX\\]XX \܈][]\\X[H\\][][H]^\˂[Yؚ[X\HHZ\[™Y[و\X\[^H]HY[ۈ]H]]HYX^B[\]Z\H\\[ۙ\YY\قXYXZ[YܙH^H[H\YX]XYXYYX[ۙ][ۜ˂[HY[H۝[Y\™[X\]KHX[XZ[]ؚ[X]HY[H\و\Y]܈[YوYX\ˈY[x&\B[\\Y[[\ݚ[[\]X[]۸&][ZHؚ[X˜\[\]\[X\X\]Y\ܘ]] [XK]KX[\Y[\ \HY\[Y\[\]B[[^\]H[HH[\[X\X[[HYY Y[x&YZH\]BXYXX[؛[K\[\܂[[HY[YHHZ[][HH[\Y[܈[KX\[ܙBSۘ\X\H]\Bؚ[XXQ[\ۋY[\K H^\[\]X\XHYX[\[\HK[XKBܙ[Z[]ˋH[ۜ›وؚ[X]\Y^HX[ԖTSS\BY[[Hܚ]\[\\ HܘYX]YH[H]B[]\]H]BH[[[X][ۋ’[\][ۈ[\[\\[ݙ[\ \[Hܚ[ۂ˂Z^K