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Don Manzo I met Don Manzo at Gilroy Presbyterian Church over twenty-five years ago. We were original members of a men’s group. Recently, we got together again. I found out that he was born in1929 in his house down a then country dirt road which is now Wren Avenue. He was the sixth of eight kids. His parents were from the Pied- mont region in Northern Italy. They im- migrated to San Jose where they married in 1916. They later moved to Gilroy. Don grew up as a rancher. He and his brothers and sisters helped their parents tend to pears and prunes. Their family ranch, along First Street, was self sustaining with a garden, milk and butter from their cow, and fat and meat from the pigs. All of this was done with no refrigeration until the 1930’s. Don went to Gilroy High School and graduated in 1944. It was almost the end of World War II, so he was required to register for the draft. After receiving papers to be inducted, his older brother went to the draft board and requested that Don’s draft be deferred until the prunes were picked and processed. The following December he went through training in the Navy a X[YHB[\&\X]KY\ZYY[[۝H\\ݙ\[ۈ[YHX‘[H\H[\ˈ[[ۙH^\™[Z[HXY[\\\]\BYKK^H[][X]YBXZ[܈X]HYX\[\H][X[BX\YY[ NM[\\[˂H[ۈY\[[[[][ܘ[[[YKB\Y]^H[ ˈۈ[BYH[][Y][ۋBXYHHܝ\܈[\[Y\˜[ۈXYHH[[ˈ\^B[ۈ\[Y[H[\H\˜[Z\[ۙYXZHH[\[YKۋ]LK^\H\[ݙBH[KH\X[HX[ۈ][\K[ NM \HYܘYX]H\H\HۛH [H[[Kۈ[Y[\K[\ٙYH][x&\YH]YHYK[ۙY[ˈH\[ۘ[B\^\H[Z[HYH[ZBZH]H[^\ܝ\šYHۈHY]\H[HZ[\[Y[HX]]Y[Y\˂[\\[]H[[H[\B\ޙ]B[\\ܛ[YY[ NL \\[[YHHHܝ\\و][KZ\[\^HBX\وZ\H[\HZ\B[YY [ܝ[][KH˜X[YH[[H\وHZ\B[[YY ۙY\] ^B[]Y[K[ܘYX]Y[NLH[HYܛX[B]\[HY ]Y]\[\ [ܚY]HܝܙBۈHܛ\وY[[۝\^BY]ˈ]\\HHY]\]\B\ؘ[K]H\ޙ]K^B[]]^HݙY™[H[[\Y[H۝\˜[][ۈH]ˈ^HX\YY[NM H[Y\[[]H[[\]YHX[HZ\H܂[KYZYYX\ˈZ\[\ \ZH[[ۙH\HY[\K܈B[H]H[X\ۜ\B[H][HXZ[\[\]\]H\Y]^H[ NN [[\Y[]KY[[Y]H\H\KHZY']Y][]\K'H\Y[ܙ[^YH R[[ L[HY\[\]YB[ˈ[\Y\H][KH[ۙ^HZ\Y[H\]B'XHوH[^x'H܈HܙX]ܚ]^HY]\ۈ\[š\[[^\˂XX^HH[HܙK[H\Y\[\Y]\\ۜH\8'[&]][[^B[\ݙ\'H\ܛ\\[YH Z\HY[ۘ[][“[ܙ[[ۛH\[ܘ\[X\YˈH\[Y[B^HXZ\[XܛH[]HYK[ݙ\[H[H]X]\]H[H]H[\X]8)HHY]؈[\[[ܛ\ H[H] X\H\ ۈX[X\  MH[BMˈ]HH^[H܈YK[SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSSKUQT M[]H[[H[YHH[[Z[Y][H[ NNMˈ[]H\ܛ[ NL[[K][H[[ݙY]\[Z[H[[\[ NL[H\ܛ[ NL[[[\˂^HY]YH[YHY\[]x&\™\\ؘ[ [[ [[x&\\YKܛXKY\Y]^K[]Bۛ[H[HZ]YۂX\]H[]Y]X[X[[[Z[Y]ˈ[H^YYHX܋B[ۈ[YH[ H[H[\Bܛ\ ]^YY\H܈[KY]BYX\ˈH\Y^Z[HXܙKB۸%[[\\\ۙx%[B\ZYYX\ []Y []x&\œۋX\YY [x&\[^YY ܈X[HYX\[H[[]B[H[Z[HYHX\\[K][K^H[^H܈YH[۝˂H\H\]YۈH[BX[HYX\Y]وB[\YH[\ۜ˂[]Hݙ\[H[HY[B[K[]x&\ۜ]H[ۋ[Z\]\[\YH[\ۋXZH\H][H[[]H]›X[H[H[][ZHHB\H\H[X[X\H[[\[\[[\^H[HH]ˈ[]H[[H\H[œY[\Y[X\وH][X[]X‘Y\][ۋ\[H[\Y]][B]Y\Z[[][\YH[[]KB]\Z[Y]H[KV[\B[Z[H\ Mܘ[[[ HܙX]ܘ[[[[ۙHܙX] YܙX] Bܘ[[ H\Y[HY^H[H[[^H]]\[]B\ۙY]H\]H[ۋZ[HY\HH]H[ \ݙ[X\[H[[]H[[X]H YX\وX\XYKZ^KBܚ][B[HޞŒL