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it’s your SWING with Don DeLorenzo Traditional Golf GOLF — It’s been around since the Scots started playing it centuries ago using a leather ball stuffed with feathers. Golf has evolved: Titanium club heads with graphite shafts and golf balls made out of substances concocted in a mad scientist’s laboratory. Today’s tour players can drive the ball 300+ yards and hit a pitching wedge farther than their early predecessors could hit a 5-iron. This makes the weekend hacker a bit envious and some- times a bit intimidated. Many won’t even play after they see what it takes to be good. Instead they shy away from this great game. There are golf alternatives! These are great ways to get exposed to the game (or a variation of it) and the different ways to enjoy it. You don’t have to play your “grandfather’s golf,” playing every Sunday with his “cronies” and forsaking his family for it. There are ith variations on golf you golf can weather play with and family, the arrival of that great the long days of summer, it’s time to plan that golf getaway friends, kids or co-workers who may or may not know how to with friends, family, or your golfing spouse. We are very lucky to live close enough to some of the play. The great thing about many of these variations is that the greatest destinations spending game goes more quickly golf than traditional golf, without thus leaving more all day on a plane or breaking the bank just getting there. time for the social aspect of the game. Now, not all golf courses offer these golf alternatives. Just ask around, you’ll find them. WESTERN GOLF GETAWAYS W FRISBEE (DISC) GOLF FOOTGOLF Probably the most popular variation of golf is Foot Golf. This game is just as it sounds. It is golf, played with a soccer ball, kicked into a large cup. With the popularity of soccer you can imagine that this game has gained popularity as well. All you have to be able to do is kick a ball and own a pair of comfortable shoes. Foot Golf holes are much shorter in length than regular golf holes since you can’t kick a soccer ball as far as you can hit a golf ball. Most holes range from 5 0 to 150 yards long and an 18-hole round can be played in less than 1.5 hours. Golf courses that offer this cut a large cup off to the side of the green and fairways of an existing course, so Foot Golf can co-exist with traditional golf. This is a great family outing or a place for your team to go out and relax. Foot Golf is available at Gavilan Golf Course (408) 848-4920. 98 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN If you can throw a Frisbee this game might be for you. A large post that represents the end goal is positioned and erected to stand about five feet tall. The post has chains hanging from it and a basin below it. Your Frisbee hits the chains and drops into the basin. It is considered “holed out” when this happens. Different courses have different obstacles and lengths between holes. Sometimes, the “goal” is hidden behind a tree, etc. The biggest obstacle in Disc Golf is trying to play on a windy day. That takes a whole new set of skills and shot-mak- ing ability. Regardless, this is a fun family outing for all ages and skills. Locally, Pinto Lake Park in Watsonville and Deli Veaga Park in Santa Cruz have Disc Golf courses. JULY/AUGUST 2017