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ARTFULLY yours BY DAN CRAIG W JoAnne Perez Robinson Picture This PHOTOS orking off her own photos, shot with a painter’s eye for framing and composition, Joanne skillfully applies her vision onto the canvas. The light source is deftly revealed in reflections and defined in shadows, depicting glassy surfaces and folds in clothing not nearly as fetching in the photos as they are in her treatments. “I don’t specialize in one subject,” she said. “I like to capture moments and feelings from everyday life.” The youngest of five children born to Marianna and Raymond Perez in San Carlos, California, she remembers wanting to be an artist since “picking up her first crayon” and recalls “no scrap of paper has ever been safe around me.” She moved to Gilroy as a young adult in 1979 for the “small town vibe” and never left. When her daughter was born in 1996, Joanne began thinking her art would be a great way to work from home. The turning point occurred in 2006 when she won the Gilroy Garlic Festival poster contest, inspiring her to make a go of it as a full-time commercial artist in 2008. Notably, she followed up the Garlic Festival win with second- place in 2008 and 2010, and another first in 2011. “I have a great family,” she wrote on her website bio, including “my very supportive husband, Mike, son Sam, daughter Kyle, and my constant (studio) companion, Lucy, the pug.” It is said that every picture tells a story. And what a story Gilroy contemporary artist JoAnne Perez Robinson tells in her acrylic paintings, finding subtleties and nuances not evident to the casual viewer. The results are imaginative and engaging. Anyone viewing her art will surely picture a storied future for JoAnne Perez Robinson. Dan Craig is a local artist whose early works were in the Realism style. He now enjoys an Impressionistic style. He lives in Morgan Hill with his life partner, Kim. 78 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JULY/AUGUST 2017