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MONTEREY courses and are perfectly maintained. If you want a little excitement with your golf, check out Sycuan. Not only is the golf great but there is a casino to help you pay for your trip. LAKE TAHOE We don’t always think of Lake Tahoe as a golf destination, but encircling the entire lake are some of the best mountain golf courses in the country. Starting with the south, Lake Tahoe golf course in Meyers is a great course with water features on half the holes. Stateline has my favorite on the lake: Edgewood at Tahoe. With the two finishing holes right along the lake, and the rest winding through the tall pines, it is spectacular. The site of the summer celebrity classic tournament every July is a bit of a challenge for the high handicapper, but remember, the ball travels 10 percent farther in the thin air. Further north is Incline Village. With an executive course and a championship course there is something for every skill level there. Not to mention the best Bloody Mary’s I’ve ever had! Traveling west to Truckee will get you to Coyote Moon and Tahoe Donner. Both are fantastic mountain courses with tree-lined fairways and great elevation changes. Coyote Moon features boulders the size of cars on a few holes to challenge even the best of players. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN Finishing close to home we have the top golf destination in the world. If you have Pebble Beach (photo above) in your backyard why would you go anywhere else? Well, the price tag at Pebble is pretty steep, but if you are a true golfer you have to have it on your bucket list. Remember that Pebble isn’t the only gem of the area. Spyglass and Poppy Hills are both great courses and are part of the rotation for the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am. Spanish Bay is also right Ёȁ́ѡMѱѡ՝)ӊéԁѕ́ɽɽ丁1ѱ䁅ɔݼٽɥѕ)ѡЁɔɑ5є͔́ѡ)͔ѡ́ͥѡ5ͥͥIٕȁӊéɕЁ)̸ٕͭQ́ͅՔȁAɽ̸ٔ)]Ѡѡѥɔѡ5ѕɕ 䰁Ё́)ՉѡȁéA ɕ́ɔ)ɽչ)ȁɔɵѥ͔ȁɅٕ)ѥѥ٥ͥЁ͔ݕͥѕ́ѡ͔ɕ̸Q)ݥԁɥݥѡȁՑЁٕͭ)1ɕ鼁́ѡAɅ5ȁɽ ͔)ͥԸ!́ɵȁݥȁѡ Mх͉՝݅ɐٕ)ѡAɥȁፕՍѥ !݅́ѡ)ɽ ȁ ɍ5ѡeȰ݅́ɸɅ͕)ɽ䁅ѥٕ́ɔݥѠ5́ݥ́啅̸)5d)U9)ѽ乍(