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3. Gilroy Historic Walking Tour Mount Madonna Park Take advantage of the Free Walking Tours of historic Gilroy districts provided by the Gilroy Historical Society. Tours are available on the fi rst Saturday of each month from 10 am to 12 pm. At the end of your tour, you’ll be ready for lunch, and there’s no better place to enjoy your noontime meal than downtown Gilroy. Try out Old City Hall or The Millias Restaurant. There’s also Garlic City Café, and Bella Viva Wine Bar. After lunch, it’s time to shop, and downtown Gilroy has it all. From antiques, to pottery, to souvenirs, to fashion and furniture, you’re sure to fi nd something for you and your home. Wings of History Museum 4. The Wings of History Museum, Wings of located at 12777 Murphy Avenue History Museum in San Martin, is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of antique aircraft and aviation history, and has been in existence for more than 40 years. Experience the museum, as well as special event exhibits such as antique automobiles, tractors, engines, and many other unique modes of transportation. This year the Museum hosts its seventeenth Open House on Saturday, May 20, from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. The annual event offers fun, food, cars, tractors, free hot air balloon rides, and more., 84 5. Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail Tour over 20 Santa Clara Valley wineries Gilroy by downloading a Wine Trail Map at Here are just a few local favorites: Guglielmo Winery, Fortino Winery, Morgan Hill Cellars, Sarah’s Vineyard, and Kirgin Cellars, which hosts cricket matches. For the best views in the Valley, visit Clos La Chance, Ross Vineyards or Sunlit Oaks Vineyards. For a mountain retreat, visit Martin Ranch or Fernwood Cellars. Chitactac-Adams Heritage Park 6. Located at 10001 Wat 6fR&@v&2fVǒBR7&R&6FPfVGW&rFR&VWFgVWf27&VVFR&ffW'2VVRfWrFFPFfRW&67VGW&Rb6F6&6VG&Vf&RBgFW"FR'&f`FR76FRFRs( 2FR6VbwVFVBFW'&WFfRvƲ&V@FR6FR6VFrVvB7FF0vFFW'&WFfRV2W&FpFw&2B&v'BvƖvBЦrFRF2666F7F2fvPƖfRGVR7G'V7GW&W2BWG&vǗ0&6'BFR&2VFǐV"&VBg&F7V6WBFP6VbwVFVBFW"BW&B6VFW'0&R66W76&RvVFR&2V666vb&r6FW2&2&fFW"vW26F7F6F27t$( "$t( "4%DTR#prVBF&BsSPƖR&BvG6fR2VV"Ч&VBg&VF7V6WBB0RbFR7BW7F2b6F6&6VG( 2&Vv&2B&V7&VF&V2fVGW&rFR6&7FW&7F0&VGvBf&W7BbFR6F7'WVF&vRf6F'26V&&WB&V2vW&RRF0VFVBB'fW7FVB"FRFRRЦ֖R6VbwVFVBGW&RG&FBvG0&VBFR'V2b6GFR&&V'֖W.( 27VW"RBF6ffW'2'6V&6G&&FW2vFW&gVvFW&RFP&VWGbFR&666vb&r6FW2&2&fFW%vW2DF7vb6W'6W0G'Wr7FRvR'VFpfW"Fvf6VvRvb6W'6R@SSR6FFW&W6&VWf&Bv&f"&VBbfBvb&v( 06FR7&VVvb6V"&7G2GvֆR6W'6W2B26RFFPV6V"tFW"FW&VB6&FUfRvb6V"ffW'2vfW'0s7&W2b2BfW2vFVWfFVBFVW27G&V26Ɩf&0B76&W2&RF&FV7FVB7&W26V2v`6V"2W7FVBvFVWBGW&fF6WGFrbGW&RG&VW2@&Ɩr2vW&RFR&6RFW0W'2fW"SfVWB&fRFRfWf"f"&R7V7F7V"fWw2f6@6&"2vb6V"VBf FR&6&VB&R֖VBFW&RGW&pFR26&"2ffW'2F&VPF7F7BW3FR6FRRBBRVFv&vb6W'6P2FR( &W7BֆRvb6W'6RFPR2( VvR&Fv^( 6VvrW@2&VVVƖgr6W'6Rf"VЦ&W"bU4ttB4tWfVG2vևFF6