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“I think we’re touching a lot of lives there.” The CRC hosts a fully-equipped gym, indoor pool, and a full slate of exercise classes, including ones tailored just for seniors, and Melroy said that Morgan Hill seniors “are pretty darn active.” It should be noted that the CRC does have a membership fee, unlike the Senior Center. She also said she feels that Morgan Hill “is a good place to come to if you’re an older adult,” and added that the World Health Organization has deemed it an “age-friendly city.” Volunteering has been such a meaningful part of her life, she recommends it to anyone she can. “I think we as human beings are put into this world to serve. That’s why I’m here,” she said. Not only does volunteering help others,” she said, “it helps fulfill a piece of all of us. You just feel better.” If her father instilled her love of service, then she credits her mother, who just passed away last November, for her love of art—painting in particular—which she considers an important outlet. “[Art] was what my mom and I did together.” Melroy said she has done “a little bit of everything” in terms of media, but demurred that her mother’s talent only “dribbled on me.” She credits her oldest daughter for having the real talent in the family. When she isn’t doing any of those things, she takes to the abundant nature in the area, particularly loving to hike at Harvey Bear. “I grew up in the Smoky Mountains, and there wasn’t much to do on the weekends, so we’d go to the mountains. I’m just a nature blossom.” Though at sixty years old she’s not far from retirement age, Denise Melroy has no immediate plans to do so. “I can’t just sit at home and do housework. I like to be active, because if you slow down, stop moving, you’re in trouble.” Melroy has a soft spot for the neediest populations in town and praises Community Solutions for its programs that help them. “They help many families, children and people that have had some hard knocks in life. So to me, it’s very heartwarming.” And the community seems to agree, since the fundraiser is usually a booming success. “People are there ‘cause they want to be there. They’re ready to buy the raffle tickets because it’s for a good cause.” Another needy population who benefit from her time and effort are the homeless to whom she delivers meals every Wednesday through her church. “It’s just amazing, the human contact. Some of the homeless really just need a look in the eye, a smile and to say ‘have a good day,’ ‘cause they don’t get that very much,” she said. Melroy has a special place in her heart for Morgan Hill’s seniors. At the Senior Center, which is housed at the Centennial Recreation Center, she spends her work days serving them. “I’m always passionate toward seniors,” she said. “I love hearing about their memories. Many lived through the Depression and World War II. Other cultures seem to value the elderly more than we do in America where it’s all about youth and beauty. They have so much to tell us.” The Senior Center offers its services on a donation basis, but Melroy said money is not a barrier. “If they can’t afford it, [they] don’t have to pay, which is really nice.” Though the Center offers numerous programs such as games, puzzles, bingo, karaoke, as well as a comfortable spot to get out of inclement weather эͽQX)ٕͅѥѡɗéɽɅѡӊéɔձȁѡѡ)ѡ̸5ѡɽ՝ɥ䰁͕́Ё)ݕхɕѼѡչՔɥѥ́)̸͕%Յ䁅ѡ I ͕ٕİ̸)͔5ɽٽչѕɥЁѡɕЁ չMѥ́չɅ͕Ȱ!!́!!̸)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)5d)U9)ѽ乍(