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Students Find New Pathways From Campus to Career Written By Kimberly Beare, PIO, Morgan Hill Unified School District T he traditional notion of vocational school has given way to Career and Technical Education (CTE). Today’s students need education pathways that lead to fulfilling careers in a global economy driven by tech innovation. CTE goes above and beyond vocational education and training to give students options that are relevant to their needs and goals going forward. Data from the U.S. Department of Education and other sources show that the integration of CTE into coursework leads to higher secondary school graduation rates, industry certifications, postsecondary education, and ultimately, the high-demand jobs of the 21st century workforce. CTE incorporates work-based learning that helps students apply classroom learning in virtual workplace settings, allowing them to explore industries and roles while developing a critical understanding of the work environment. In 2016, Morgan Hill Unified School District doubled down on its commitment to ensure that every student who graduates from its high schools has a career path. In less than a year the school district’s Director of CTE, Heather Nursement, has brought the program and its benefits into focus. High school CTE courses have been aligned with local/regional industry job market demands and postsecondary options. We need to engage our high school students and make the campus-to-career experience more meaningful for them,” Nursement said. “For every course require- ment, students ask: ‘Why do I need to learn this?’ With a solid CTE program, they can see a clear path from high school studies to graduation to a well-paying job.” The U.S. Department of Education states that the average high school graduation rate for students concentrating in CTE programs is 93 percent—a significant statistic that proves when students can see the pat [H]\ ^H\H[ܙH[]]Y[Z[HXYY YX[[KY[ۘ[\[\[[\HYYHH\]Y[؂ܙX][ۈ[ܘYX]\]HۛYB[[[H؜ˈ܈^[\K[ܙH[ \[وX[YX\\œ\ܝ][[ܝY\\H[\X[Z\X[]HYY]X\][X[ ]\[Z[ \[Y[\ܚ[]H[ܙ[[[X\و[Y\H™^ܙH؈Y[[[\\܋B[]Y\܈HY[ˈH\X\[ܚ[]][[[][]HYH[ٙ\[Y[X[[Y[\\˂\܈H\[ۈH[\ܚ\[Y[ZY 8'H\HHY[[Y ][Y[][]HYK[[ۈܘYX]HHH[YܛXB]H[]\]H\[HYܙHXZ[BHXX\H۝[YYH\]ܚ™H^HYHܘ[H[BX\[^HX[ܸ&\[X\\&\YܙY\˜[^HXX[ܙY[X[ˈ\HXقHH[Y]HZX\YH]]ܚx'BX\[ܙK۝XX]\\[Y[ RT\X܈وK]\[Y[Z\ ܙ›܈  L KB KHܘ[\\\HY[܈YH[\Y\Έ BBH S[^\Y[\]Y[\ܝZ[[[Z\H\\\N[ܙH[\[وBY[\H[[۝[YBۈXۙ\HYX][ۋSš[[H]؜[B]\BPS UԓVSTTš[ LY[˜\H[[\YHH\Y\[]YBH\XH^H\H^ܚ[[Y [[H[\[XY[ZX\\ŒK[[وHY[š]HHܝ[]HX\YBܙY][ ܈[[\H\{ X][ۂYKH[Hܚ”TтHPSB\‘SH8(SԑSS8(SPTS\N^HYH[ۜ0 PH\X\YH MK][ۘ[[\H[Y\ NLYHY[˂BPVKҕSH M™Z^KB