gmhTODAY 14 gmhToday May June 2017 - Page 103

T he newly-remodeled Granada Theatre and the weekend din- ner shows are a nostalgic throw back to an evening out in the ‘50s. The doors were opened promptly at 6 pm by Ray Sanchez dressed in a tuxedo. An accommodating reception- ist checked us in via an iPad, and flutes of complementary Champagne were handed to us. The dress code noted on the Granada Theatre website says “Dress to Impress: collared shirts —no ball caps.” You also must be 21 to attend. Before dinner was served at 7 pm, we sampled spirits at the full bar while enjoying complementary appetizers and some great music by Professional Folk. The early music was a little bit country and was a great compliment to the cocktail hour. The hour passed quickly as we toured the facility, danced, sipped our spirits and met the other guests at our table. The Granada Theatre, as restored by Frank Léal and his crew, is welcoming and comfortable. For the dinner shows, seating is assigned and this led to another evening delight. We found the ]H[Hš[Y\]\XHH[\Z[[˜[[\[HYX[ ܚY\[Y[\\]Y[ˈ\ٙBY][ۈ[X\^KB]Y\\HܛY\[H\X‘\][]YY[^HY][BX\[^[H[^[[BZK[و\]Y[\B[H[K]ZXHH\Hܛ˜X[\Y[\܈ۛX[ۜ¸)[H[X[HBYܙHHۙ]] \[Y\B\Y HY[H\ܚXY]\B\Hؘ[Y]XYYXۋ[YHY\KH\H\˜[ܙ[X\H[[X[]]\KH[Y\[X^[\\]Y[HH[\H[Y]\]\XK܈[KHܙ\YH M0X[\]H\ۛ^H[ L0X[[[\[\܈H[\[H[\]\\\\B\\]K[H[\[[HY[[ܞHقH[X[\[Y \[Y\\]Y%ܚ[Y]\ۈXZ][B\\ܛ]XK\\Y\[]ܘ][HYX[\H\Y[][[[\H[ H\™]H\8']\H[X[\˸'HH]ܙ[XZ\[\H\\Y\\›[[۞H[H]\\H\X H[YܙYY]]\ۙHوH\[]Y]YX[HY]\Y H[۝[YY\ܛB\[[\[YܙHۙB\K]\YYX[]H[ Y[\X ^[YHHXY[\ؙ\XZ[K\X]H\ܚX\[BSH8(SԑSS8(SPTSPVKҕSH M˜\H8'\HZ\[K8'H[]H\˂HYYHܙX]ۙK[[\[HYYH]Yˈ\\\]Y\[Hˈ]\H۝]X[\B]Y\YH\\8%]ؙ\Y\˜[X\\ۙx)[YZ[]\˜X][H[X[\˂]ٙYX\ۈ܈[^[Y[H[\\Y[\YYX[ Y\HYYHH[]\Y][ܙH۝[\ܘ\B]\X]H]H8']X'Hۂ[H\\YXHܛ\ [YB]X^H[X\\ \ܙX] B[[^Y\YYH[\]YH[Y[[ۋX[H[H[Y[H[[YYZ\\\\KYܙHHۙ]] ]\XY[\ LH[[YHXYYK]\H\H[XXH][[ˈH[ B[[ۙHX[܈H[[\\X\ۘXN[HH MH‰ KH[YܙYY]HYYY\YZ[\]Y[YH[H^[YB]Hܘ[YHBZ^KBL