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it’s your SWING with Don DeLorenzo GOLFING IN THE ELEMENTS I t has been a very long time since we have had a real winter. So long that most of those diehard golfers out there have probably either outgrown or tossed out their rain gear. Let’s face it, we live in California for a reason…so we don’t have to play golf in the rain or wind or mud. But when you get cabin fever like many have this winter because the rain doesn’t want to stop, you may have to brave the elements if you want to go play the game you love. The first order of business if you are going to play in inclement weather is to be prepared. Like anything you want to succeed in, preparation is the key. Before you go out for your round of golf go through the checklist of necessary items. Rain gear, umbrella, towels, extra gloves, hand warmers, hat, and most importantly a good frame of mind. Good rain gear can set you back $250–500 but if you play a lot of golf this is just another part of your investment. GoreTex rain gear keeps you dry and warm and lets your body breathe so you aren’t sweating more on the inside than it’s raining on the outside. Your V'&VvVWRG''WBWVǒ'FB@vVWW"6V'2G'6FBfW"W"&r6FR&FW6( BvWBBvWBW"w&2vWBbW"w&2&RG'R6&V6&ǒvVrW"FvVWVFW FRV'&Vg&FR7W'G2FB2FRG&W7B7B&V@BRVVBFVWW"FvV2G'2R66WG&W"&r66RW"f'7BFvVvWG2FvWBG'pvWBw&2vFvWBFvVFW2vBशVW6WBBv&W"vFR6bB26B0vV2vWBR6VWW"G2v&B&W6W'fPFRFV6BfVVV6W76'FFRvRvVFRF2Ч6&RGRv&2w&VBBR6WfVWBFVW 6W2FVWW"fVWBv&R7W&RFR6W2RfP&RvFW'&brvbvFvWBfVWB2&WB2֗6W"Ц&R2BvWG27FǒR7W&RRfRBb6R6'BVWrFP&WBbW"WW22W76VFF&Vr&RF6VRFRv`&rFBR&R&W&VBF'&fRFRVVVG2WN( 2vFF2FW&R&R6WfW&Fw2FBRW7B&VV&W"FvWBFR7BWBbW"vRvVFRvVFW"6( B6W"ЦFrFRV&W"RFrF&VV&W"2FBbR&PrFR&FR"2( ƆVg( FRFFVB7GW&P2vrF6W6RFR&F( G&~( &RBFW&Vf&R@v2f"Rv2VBBvW"VWfF2ƖPRFR2WW&V6VBFR( F( "vW&RW"v`6G2G&fVf'FW"&V6W6RbW72G&rFR6FR67W'0vVrFR&6W6R&R6V'2FR&ǐvVBvVR&RGFrW"6BFR&vG&fVWFRW72vWBvVFW"ॖRWfVv6f"2F6vRFRGRbvb&RW6RvW"6&W76&2&B6gFW"BvFFP6FW"vVFW"Bv&RV6W"F6&W72FBGRb&BFW2Bvvf'FW"RvBFBvb&0&vV VbvV06WBBv&W'0t$( "$t( "4%D$4$#pvևFF6