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YOU STILL HAVE TO PROTECT YOURSELF Agency licenses and caregiver registrations are good for two years. There is word that licensed agencies still put unregistered caregivers to work. If you want to work with an honest agency and want proof, request the Home Care Aide number of your care- giver and check on it by accessing the Department of Social Services’ web- site: try/registrysearch.aspx . You won’t be penalized if an agency assigns an unregistered caregiver to you—the agency will be responsible. If you are told by one agency that they have a shortage of care- givers and you call another that has no problem hiring caregivers, proceed carefully. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN MARCH/APRIL 2017 They may either have limited business and hence are able to keep up (because most are hurting for caregivers), or they may be putting unregistered caregivers to work. THE WAIT WILL BE WORTH IT Licensure is a welcome change, but the DSS is still working out the kinks. All agencies are looking forward to the time when more caregivers are registered, hiring is no longer a near impossible task, and the process is not so cumbersome. Now is the time for patience and understanding. Rest assured that your agency remains interested in your business and committed to your needs but it will take a little time before the new changes and processes once again allow agencies to provide care that you need when you need it, without delay. If you need more information about this process or have questions, please feel free to email me at I will help you in any way I can. It is a trying time now but licensure provides you with more protection! 83