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A practicing artist since high school, Hegglin got the idea to teach when she painted with her grandchildren and their friends. After researching Early Childhood Education and Art Methods she launched Karen’s Art Zone in Morgan Hill in 2001. Four years later she became a certified instructor of Monart —a teaching methodology founded and named for Mona Brookes that gives children structured information to improve visual perception and realistic drawing skills. She believes everyone can do art. Regardless of the perceived results, it’s whether they enjoy the journey. She enjoys her adult students, but the younger students are special to her. “It’s so fun seeing their delight and satisfaction,” Hegglin said. “They start out saying they can’t do it and when they’ve done it, they are so tickled.” Hegglin was born in Berkeley while her father was a student at the University of California. Her family moved every few years as her father pursued teaching opportunities in various California cities including Newman, Castro Valley, and Gilroy before settling in Morgan Hill in 1959, where he taught mathematics at Live Oak High School and coached foot- ball and wrestling. Per Hegglin’s website, her love of art began at an early age when she ‘was allowed to make mud pies.’ Loving to sketch, she recalled how her school assignments would be turned in with drawings in the margins. Th BfP&76VBBƗfRv66GW&rW"fFW.( 2FVW&RvV6RF2'B6W'6W226Rv2vVB6R&V6VBW"v66'B7G'V7F WGFr7GVFVG2FFV"vFrV6W&vrWW&VFFBvp6&&FfRv&vF676FW2( FN( 2vVv2G&GV6VBFvFW&6'2fVBrFRBBFPvWBW"B'W'7BWBvW&RBvFV@FvFRBv2v6( ФgFW"v66VvvƖF'B6W'6W2Bvf6VvR&Vf&P''r6&6vW"B&6rF&VRFVvFW'2FVv6vVB6WvBvFFP&W76&ƗFW2bf֖ǒ6RVBW vFW&6"62fW"FRV'26RFW762g&&VvVBvFW&6"'F7@֖R&WB7GVFVBvF6'BЦ7BFRv6R2vV2Fǐ&V6v旦VBvFW&6&7G2V7F&Fǖ6B'vF^( FR`W"ff&FR'F7G2rvF*g&V6&W767G26VFRWBBW'&RФVwW7FR&V"gFW"G'rf&WGbVFV26R6WGFVBvFW&6"Fr6PWW&VFVBvF'7G&7B'B'WB07B6f'F&RvF&W&W6VFF7GRW"7V&V7G2&Rf&VB6VFp7FƖfW2G66W2BfvW'26R2W7V6ǒfBbFp'G&G2FrFBWfW'f6RFV27F'#bVvvƖFB'G&@b"VV6Vb֗V6&v( 267FW"6GFR'G&Bv26֗76VB'W'`BVGƗGFRvRVFW'Fr"6VGW&r2f6B2V&W"bfRFR7W"'BwV@6R2W&FVBFRwVN( 2f&W0WfVG2B2VBW&G2Bf&W06w2W&Bbv&2'W 7GVFVG2v&RF7BFR&vआ6VGb7VGW&6VFW"g&Ф&F&3#rFfWr6Ɩrb&VW6VvvƖ( 2'Bv&BV&&R&W@&V( 2'BR6V6W"vV'6FR@&V6'GR6t$( "$t( "4%D$4$#pvևFF6У