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at Bullocks as a dashing model who was seen around San Francisco in a swanky carriage with matching trotters (perhaps akin today to a Ferrari). Diana’s and Morgan’s courtship was not well received by her parents. In fact, on his deathbed in Nevada, Daniel Murphy extracted a false promise from his daughter not to marry Mr. Hill. It was too late. The couple had already eloped, and the story goes that Diana was remorseful throughout her marriage for deceiving her father. Upon Daniel Murphy’s death, Diana received a substantial inheritance including half of the lands originally granted to Juan Hernandez in 1835 that make up most of today’s city of Morgan Hill (nearly 4,500 acres). Villa Mira Monte was situated with an inspiring view of Murphy’s Peak (El Toro) and conve- niently close to the railroad tracks across from the back of the house to welcome friends to the Morgan Hill’s ranch. This “country cottage” was intended by the Hill’s to be a getaway place from hub-bub of San Francisco, and afforded Mr. Hill the opportunity to personally review the management of their ranch holdings. The Hill’s traveled a great deal, and so Villa Mira Monte was leased for a time then sold after Hiram’s death in November of 1913. After a succession of occupants, the historical importance of Villa Mira Monte was recognized, and in 1978, with the help of the Morgan Hill Historical Society, the property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house sat vacant for several years until 1993 when the all-volunteer Historical Society agreed to take on the job of restoring the house and grounds to their former glory. It took five years and considerable sweat equity to realize the grand re-opening in 1998 and welcome the community once again to Villa Mira Monte. It’s been nearly twenty years now that the public tours, school field trips and private events have been able to avail themselves of the cherished home of our city’s namesake. Villa Mira Monte is more than just a home site, the property also includes the Morgan Hill Museum located inside the 1911 Acton House, and the Ce [X[\ܞHZ[ X\YX]Y[ H[ܙ[[\ܚX[Y]B[H]Hو[ܙ[[\H\[B[ݚ[[H\X[ۈXY[B[XY[HZ\H[۝HZ[™\Yۘ]Y\[\ܚX\ݚY B[]X [YYY\ܝXZ[Z[[[X[\\[Xو\[\]YK[^H[[ۋH[[Y[[\YB[\\[\ܚX\Y\X\[HZ\H[۝H]\\[HHYXHو8'Y\˸'HHYYݚYH\[\]\X[B[\\H[]ۈY\]XY[[\X[ۜˈ\BX[Y\[\[\[HX[B[Y\[\]XHܙ[^][ۜH\Hܝ[]H]K[][H[ۙK\H\H[ܙH[YY[X\\XX[\ܚX[܂\[X[][]]HX\YBXHۈH][ۘ[Y\\Hو\ܚX”X\ˈH\Z[][ۈ\܈BZ[\Y\[[x&\\X\[\X\Y[]H M\H]HH\و[H[]B\ܚX\[][][]][H[B[X\XHܞHو[x&\]\Z[][ۂ]H[\[^KH\[H[Y]H[H[[Y[]]8&\YX[[H\XX]HH\[܈۝[\]HH]\H]][[\[[و\\ܞK\[\XX][ۈو\[\ܞHݚYHB[YHH[][]OH\Z[H[œˈ\[HوXHx&[HY\[œY\Y[[و[Z[]H[ܘ]]YB܈Hܝ[]Hو][[XBܚ[\[\K][[\H\œ\\H[X\]\و\]\[\ܞK^Hۘ\\]\\ \XY[\H[ݙ\[HHX[HقXH[]H[ܙ\ܚX[Y[[ܞHX]\H]X^HY[H\[][ ]8&\ܚ]\[\[[X]BH\ܞH[Y][ۜ]XZH\[^HHۙ\[XH]K[HZ\H[۝H[^H\XH\ܚX\H]\][\’[[X\KH^H\XH\ܚX\H]\][Hܙ[^][ۈ RJH[YY[HZ\H[۝H[]Y[X\\ [BZ\H[۝H\H][ۘ[HY\\Y\ܚX[X\\]YHH[ܙ[[\ܚX[Y]H RK[ۙ]B[ܙ[[]\][H[H[[X[\ܞHZ[ RY[ܙH[\H\\[]]\و\\H]\][\[[HK[[\[H[[[ۈ^H[\][ۜ˂RY[X\]H]^\HX]Y\]ܜH8'['Hܘ[Hٙ\YHH\ܚX[Y]H[ܙ[[[YYY\X\ܘYH\ܛ\\\HY[܈Z\\Y[\[HZ\H[۝KHܘ[H\]Z\œY[XYH\ܞH]X]\\^H^ܙHH\ܞHو[ܙ[[ [Y[]]H[Y\X[\YYH[܈\[وYX\YܙHH\][وH[\[H M ˈH\ܚX[Y]H\\ MLY[\YX\RHY[X\^\Y[\\[\X][\x&\[[[[Z\]Y\˂\Z[][Έ[ܙ[[]\][H  M [۝\^HY B[H 8$[X[8'X][ۈ\x'H][HZ\H[۝B]Y\ 8$[X[[][]HXۚX][HZ\H[۝H\ΈY^\ L K]\^\ L[H HKZ\ܚX[Y]Kܙ‘SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSPT TS M™Z^KB