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turn around, there’s an opportunity to get involved.” As a diehard East Coast dweller who commuted 40 weeks a year to his job as an engineering consultant to the electric power industry at SI, it took 32 years for his Silicon Valley col- leagues to convince him to move to the West Coast. “It’s been really amazing the way we’ve been welcomed into the communities here. I love Morgan Hill.” Since the move to Morgan Hill, Sue had been operating a gallery in Los Gatos. In mid-2016, she left to pursue volunteer work at the San Martin animal shelter. While Bisbee remains busy work- ing at SI, with 275 employees and 10 offices across the country, he and Sue support Community Solutions every chance they get. They also support the Healthier Kids Foundation of Santa Clara County. All of Bisbee’s hobbies provide a necessary balance to his work life. “I’m equally passionate about engineering as my hobbies,” he said. When Bisbee decides to try something, he goes all in. In fact, he once harvested a moose, a once per lifetime opportunity for a hunter, according to law. Awhile back, he told Sue he was going to start carving out of Bighorn sheep horns. Sue said, “Why don’t you start with a bar of soap?” “No,” he told her. “How silly is that?” He also loves teaching children how to use a bow. As part of his club involvement, he said, “We support archery events that introduce children to the sport.” If Bisbee could offer people a word of advice about archery, he’d say, “If people think they have an interest, don’t be afraid.” He said he wouldn’t want people to think: ‘Oh I can’t go approach any of these folks because they are experienced shooters or tournament shooters.’ “There are opportunities without buying equip- ment, and there are so many ways to enter into it and give it a try.” “I originally hadn’t planned on retiring in California,” he said. “Now I’m hoping that with a few years of work left, when they are over and I get to retire, I hope there are hours in the day that I can spend on community activities whatever those may be.” Perhaps when you )ȁ́ɕѼ䁅ɍ䰁 ͉)ݥɕѼ)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)5I AI%0) Ё ͉х́ɔѼ)ѡ́胊q]ɔЁ)ѡЁɕɐMՔ$͔ѡɔ)ɔɕٕ䁵хѕ)ѡɽ՝Ёѡ́ɕt)!ݕٕȰӊéɐѼٕɱ ͉e)ݸɕЁхЁѡи%(ذȁѡ9)9ѥ ̰͡ЁѠ ѡ)99ѥ ̰͡(ȁ ѡ%9Ѡɥ) ̰́͡ɐ ѡ%)]ɱ ͡ϊQ݅́)ULѕȁЁѡЁٕЁݡɔѡ)ULQѽȁ )MՔͼɕѱ䁙ٔݥѠ)ɍ䰁́ЁݥѡЁȁݸ)Ս́ȁ܁丁%ذ͡)āЁѡ%9Ѡɥ) ́͡ȁѡ%)]ɱ ̸͡) ͉́չѡаq%ӊé)ѡЁ́єѽѡ)ɕ䁕ٕ䰁ɅٕѽѡȻtQ)Յ䰁ѡѼ1́Y)ȁѡ]ɱé%ȁ ͡)ݡɔѡхɝЁ̀ɑ́݅䁅)䁽ѕȸ)Mѽɹ́ɔЁ٥)Ȱѡȁ́ѕ) ͉q ЁЁёȁѽɹ)ɔQɔɔͼɕЁձ́)ɕЁѽɹ̻tɍ䁕ե)а͕́ͼممɥ)ɕЁͥ́展́ȁ́)̸ɑѼ ͉ѡمɥ)ѽɹ́ձ́ѕ)ٕ䁡Ѽٕ䁉ͥեи) ѼѡЁ́չѕȰ) ͉Ʌɕ́͡ѥд)̰qeԁ݅ͥȁ͕ٕ̰)ѡɗéѡѥtQ)͡Ёхɝ̰Ցхѥ$(̵̸)́ѕͥ́ٔɔ)́ͼ٥䵙͡ɵ])MՔɕѱ䁅ѕѡ )]є չɅ͕ȁѼ) չMѥ́Ё5ɝ!e)1ɅQѕȰѕݕ)Ё́UхѼѡՍѥ)́ѼѡЁѥ䵙͡ݥѠ)ѡݥȸ) ͉ͅ5ɝ!ѡ)MѠ չ䁅ɕ胊q'eٕٔЁ)́䁱 Ёٕѥ)1MՔ ͉Ёѡ)%ѕɹѥɍ䀡%]ɱ) ́͡Ʌ) Mѕ ظ)ѽ乍(