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answer both surprised, and pleased him. “You know Dad, we like this lifestyle,” they told their father. Considering the decades of memories the Bonino family have shared it’s easy to understand their decision to continue the legacy. “I remember one time, when I was playing Little League and I looked up to see Louie standing up on a hill watching, completely covered with dirt,” Brent said. “He had taken a break from driving the tractor just so he could see me play. This always meant so much to me.” For Russ, one of his fondest memories is his mom’s sandwiches. “We were always the hit of the school because we always had the best sandwiches in our lunch,” he said. “I’ve got friends of mine now that still come here and say, ‘Hey I’m kind of hungry, do you think your mom would make me a sandwich?’” A key component of the family business continues to be their customers. “I just like to hear people recommending us to other people. It kind of feathers our hat a little bit,” Louie said. “It’s kind of nice to see customers come in, and they know you, and you know them. It’s a place to do business, but a friendly business. That’s kind of the way I was brought up.” Judy echoed her husband’s sentiments. “This is a family business, so these people are family, they’re not customers, they’re family.” LJB Farms is located at 585 Fitzgerald Avenue in San Martin, and is open from early spring, through December 24. Their hours are 9 am to 6 pm, seven days a week. Contact them at 408-842-9755. Brothers Russ (l) and Brent (r) Bonino at family business, LJB Farms