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for people ’ s homes has allowed us to have the longevity of showing homes year after year .”
Marie Blankley , the current president of GALs , became acquainted with the group when someone asked to feature her home on the home tour of 2008 . “ I don ’ t know that anyone ever thinks their home is ‘ good enough ’ for people to pay money to see , no matter how nominal ,” Blankley said . “ But it was an honor to know that something as simple as opening up our home for two days could benefit so many local kids .”
Blankley explained , “ One hundred percent of the gross proceeds go directly to grants applied for by organizations benefiting local youth . Procuring the homes for the tour is the biggest challenge , and I am constantly in awe of the perseverance of our members and the generosity of our community .”
According to Pray , “ This year it ’ s going to be a one-mile walking tour of historic homes in downtown .” The event is always held on Mother ’ s Day weekend . There will be a boutique with 18 vendors , including artists from the area and one from as far as Napa , a no-host wine bar , complimentary non-alcoholic beverages , appetizers and desserts from the GALs Cookbook . Members serve as hostesses and give a history of the houses . The tour is open 10 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday , and all members work both days . “ It ’ s a commitment ,” Pray said , “ but we have a good time .”
GALs also conducts other fundraising activities throughout the year . One newer tradition is the creation and sale of an annual cookbook . Volume III was published just before Christmas in 2016 and is available for purchase on the GALs website or at the Gilroy Foundation office .
Each member , active , honorary or nonactive , is asked to provide ten recipes , and the newer volumes include a few favorites from the first or second cookbook . The cookbooks also share recipes from friends and families who are great cooks .
Each year culminates in the Associate Luncheon and Grants Presentation . The GALs invite the grant recipients to a complimentary lunch , along with the members and honorary members — those who have served five years or more , then retire . Every grant recipient offers their thanks and speaks about how the money will be used . For Pray , “ Hearing how much impact our money and work is going to have on the children here in Gilroy ” is one of the most gratifying parts of serving as a GAL . It ’ s an opportunity for her to say , “ I ’ m glad I voted for them .”
Edde , too , stays active by attending the grants presentation luncheon . “ I want to support the work , so I go on most of the home tours . And then I want to see where the money goes ,” she said . As someone with such a long history of service , Edde ’ s said , “ You work for the organization that is nearest and dearest to your heart . You have to enjoy doing it .”
Above all , it ’ s the friendships that keep this tight-knit group working tirelessly for the cause of children . “ It ’ s a joy to work with these women ,” Pray said . “ When a new member comes in , you get to meet new people , and their husbands , and children . Friendship of women , combines with doing good work . It ’ s a win-win .” “ With a wide range of ages ,” Pray said , “ you learn more , rely on each other . People will ask , ‘ Donna did we used to do it this way ?’ And we get GALs who are a little bit timid , but they eventually give ideas . There ’ s this process of gradual turnover , so then they become friends .”
As apparent from Edde ’ s 50-year plus dedication , those bonds extend well beyond the 35 active members . “ Every year I ’ m elated that so many people are doing things and applying for the grants ,” Edde said . Even for those organizations that don ’ t receive the grants , she watches the numbers of applicants and is heartened “ to feel like people are doing things for the city .”

Reflections Volume III Is Here

Hundreds of new recipes along with some tried and true favorites from Volumes I and II . This cookbook is filled with fun , delicious and family favorite recipes and makes a great Christmas gift . Get one for your collection and wrap up a few more for all those special cooks in your life .
Gilroy Assistance League , is a nonprofit organization that provides grants to local youth-oriented projects in the Gilroy community . You can order by calling 408-713-1414 , emailing gilroyassistanceleague @ gmail . com , or purchase online at gilroyassistanceleague . org .
for people’s homes has allowed us to have the longevity of showing homes year after year.” Marie Blankley, the current president of GALs, became acquainted with the group when someone asked to feature her home on the home tour of 2008. “I don’t know that anyone ever thinks their home is ‘good enough’ for people to pay money to see, no matter how nominal,” Blankley said. “But it was an honor to know that something as simple as opening up our home for two days could benefit so many local kids.” Blankley explained, “One hundred percent of the gross proceeds go directly to w&G2ƖVBf"'&v旦F0&VVfFr6WF&7W&pFRW2f"FRFW"2FR&vvW7@6VvRB67FFǒvR`FRW'6WfW&6RbW"V&W'2BFPvVW&6GbW"6VG( Ф66&FrF&( F2V"N( 2vpF&RR֖RvƶrFW"b7F&0W2FvFv( FRWfVB2v0VBFW.( 2FvVVVBFW&Rv&R&WFVRvFfVF'26VFp'F7G2g&FR&VBRg&2f"0ֆ7BvR&"6ƖVF'6Ɩ2&WfW&vW2WFW'0BFW76W'G2g&FRt26&V&W'26W'fR27FW76W2BvfR7F'bFRW6W2FRFW"2VFR6GW&FB7VFBV&W'2v&&FF2( ėN( 26֗FVB( &6B( 'WBvRfRvBFR( Фt266GV7G2FW"gVG&6p7FfFW2F&VvWBFRV"PWvW"G&FF2FR7&VFB6PbV6&fVRv0V&Ɨ6VBW7B&Vf&R6&7F2#`B2f&Rf"W&66RFRt0vV'6FR"BFRv&fVFFff6RS@V6V&W"7FfR&'"Ц7FfR26VBF&fFRFV&V6W2@FRWvW"fVW26VFRfWrff&FW0g&FRf'7B"6V6B6&FP6&266&R&V6W2g&g&VG0Bf֖ƖW2v&Rw&VB62V6V"7V֖FW2FR766FPV6VBw&G2&W6VFFFPt2fFRFRw&B&V6VG2F6ƖVF'V6rvFFPV&W'2B&'V&W'>( GF6PvfR6W'fVBffRV'2"&RFV&WF&RWfW'w&B&V6VBffW'2FV F2B7V2&WBrFRWv&RW6VBf"&( ĆV&rrV67BW"WBv&2vrFfRFR6G&VW&Rv&( 2PbFR7Bw&Fgr'G2b6W'fr0tN( 2'GVGf"W"F6( Ğ( vBfFVBf"FV( ФVFFRF7F27FfR'GFVFrFPw&G2&W6VFFV6V( ĒvBF7W'BFRv&6v7BbFPRFW'2BFVvBF6VRvW&PFRWvW2( 6R6B26VPvF7V6r7F'b6W'f6RVFF^( 06B( ŖRv&f"FR&v旦FF@2V&W7BBFV&W7BFW"V'BPfRFVFrB( Ф&fRN( 2FRg&VG62FBVWF2FvBֶBw&Wv&rF&VW76ǒf FR6W6Rb6G&V( ėN( 2Fv&vFFW6RvV( &6B( vVWrV&W"6W2RvWBFVW@WrVRBFV"W6&G2@6G&Vg&VG6bvV6&W0vFFrvBv&N( 2vv( Ю( vFvFR&vRbvW2( &6B( ǖRV&&R&VǒV6FW"VRv6( FFBvRW6VBFFBF2v( BvRvWBt2v&PƗGFR&BF֖B'WBFWWfVGVǒvfPFV2FW&^( 2F2&6W72bw&GVGW&ЦfW"6FVFW&V6Rg&VG2( Ф2&VBg&VFF^( 2SזV"W0FVF6FF6R&G2WFVBvV&WBFR3R7FfRV&W'2( WfW'V"( VFVBFB6VR&PFrFw2Bǖrf"FRw&G2( ФVFFR6BWfVf"F6R&v旦F0FBF( B&V6VfRFRw&G26RvF6W0FRV&W'2bƖ6G2B0V'FVVB( FfVVƖRVR&RFpFw2f"FR6G( Х&VfV7F2fVR2W&Pt$( "$t( "4%DइVG&VG2bWr&V6W2rvF6PG&VBBG'VRff&FW2g&fVW2@F26&2fVBvFgVFVƖ6W0Bf֖ǒff&FR&V6W2BW2w&V@6&7F2vgBvWBRf"W"6V7FBw&WfWr&Rf"F6R7V662W"ƖfRv&767F6RVwVR2&f@&v旦FFB&fFW2w&G2F6WF&VFVB&V7G2FRv&6VGॖR6&FW"'6ƖrCs2CBVƖrv&767F6VVwVTv6 W&66RƖRBv&767F6VVwVR&r$4$#pvևFF6