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School Days The South Santa Clara Valley is fortunate in having amazing public education opportunities provided through the Gilroy and Morgan Hill School District. gmh TODAY is happy to highlight some of their many accomplishments and programs on these pages. Gilroy Values its Teachers Written By Laura Corea-Hernandez, PIO, Gilroy Unified School District 42 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN educational team. GUSD Human Resources works diligently to hire qualified substitutes to cover for classroom teachers so that they can access professional development and collaborate with other teachers and administrators on site and districtwide projects. Substitutes receive an orientation and ongoing training in classroom management, instructional strategies, and tips for addressing students with special needs. Many people have an interest in substitute teaching but assume they don’t have the qualifications. To be considered for a substitute teaching position, candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree, a passing score on the California Basic Educational Skills Test, a fingerprint clearance from the Department of Justice for school employment, and a permit from the Santa Clara County Office of Education ( Here’s what two teachers, each at different points in their career trajectory, had to say about teaching for GUSD: Jessica Tyler Jessica Tyler teaches math at Ascencion Solorsano Middle School. Her background as an educator includes both public and private schools. Asked about her experience teaching for GUSD, Tyler said, “I have received more professional development here than at any of the other schools where I have taught; the training has provided me with tremendous support and the opportunity to become a better teacher, to make a difference in a student’s life—that one thing I taught them that they will never forget.” MARCH/APRIL 2017 M ost of us can easily recall the teachers who made a positive difference in our lives. We remember the teachers who were caring and supportive, and who were not only enthusiastic about teaching but really inspired us to learn. Gilroy Unified School District (GUSD) looks for these qualities when hiring for permanent and substitute positions, because every teacher who walks into our classrooms is entrusted with the education and achievement of our students. GUSD currently serves more than 11,000 students in its pre-K through high school programs. Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Stephanie Totter, noted that Gilroy’s community is growing, and with increased enrollment, class expansion and new schools, comes the need for more full-time and substitute teachers. However, California is experiencing a teacher shortage and districts are competing to recruit and retain qualified teachers. In a 2016 survey of school districts published by the California School Boards Association, 75 percent of respondents reported finding too few qualified teachers to fill vacancies. Middle and high school teaching positions accounted for more than 60 percent of vacancies, most of which were for math, science and special education teachers ( According to Stephanie Totter, GUSD Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources, “In my 30-plus years in Human Resources I’ve never seen a teacher shortage like th \ˈB\HXܝZ][܈ MLNYX\[Z[H\وX]H\[]X[YYYXX\܈\\X 'BT\[[[ۘ[X]ݚY[HXܘ]]H[\ܝ]H[\ۛY[[XXX\[]H[XYY Y\\و]\^H\H]܈X\ۙY XX\\B[YYTH^HۙKH\XݚY\›ۙ[ٙ\[ۘ[][Y[ [X\Xܘ][ۈ[[ۙ™ܘYK[][[XX X\XHX[\[[\Y\YYX[]K]HY[ܜ[XY[ZXX\\ܝXX\[][[[Y[[Z\XX[[ˈ[B\Xܚ]\[\H][][Y \]X[]H[XB[ۘ[X]\X[\HݚYY [ۙ]XH\ܝ X]]HXX\\H[[Yܘ[\وH\X8&\