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Jim Hemeon Educator of the Year Kathy Sullivan Volunteer of the Year Jim Hemeon has been sharing his passion for helping students grasp the wonders of world through his teachings of biological sciences, anatomy and physiology for some 39 years. A fellow Live Oak science instructor, Susan Paulsen describes Hemeon: “When you think of the ultimate biology teacher, that’s Mr. Hemeon. He’s engaging and his students love him, which is everything in education… although quiet and reserved outside of class, when he gets in front of a class, he turns into this amazing, bright sparkling star. He adores the kids. He loves to teach.” Kathy Sullivan retired from a career of helping others in the nursing profession. Today, she is retired and spends her time between her role as an Ambassador for the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce and volunteering with the Personnel Commission of the MHUSD, helping determine the school districts borders throughout Santa Clara County as well as being an active member of the AAUW and staying involved with the Friends of the Library group. Kathy is also very active in downtown and writes a Morgan Hill Downtown Association column for Morgan Hill Life. Emmanuel Calivo Student of the Year This year’s recipient of the Student of the Year award was presented to Emmanuel Calivo. Calivo’s teachers describe him as one-of-a-kind, “He’s a student who is conscientious, compassionate and a high-class leader and learner.” His interests lay in politics and marine biology. His knowledge of national politics came from working with Senator Barbara Boxer’s staff and serving as a US Senate page. He is considering a career in public service. ear, the Y f o nt ith ude 6 St tkins, w 1 0 d 2 A n a e n yn y. Jord Sulliva of the l Societ y a h n t c i o a r t s K We Histo Ellie an Hill g Mor an . e herm r of th ODAY S y e T n v a o t Brit he c and os on t ue of o n s t eva pho 017 is e Lu their 2 k i y M iring ruar adm r y/Feb a Janu gmh , 002 in 2 ve a r a ye cil ga the t of ty Coun n e tud ill Ci z, s wic rgan H peech. o m i o ed s Jach e M inett ed to th ill” them b o t oin n H tlin R Cai tly app Morga n g e rec ebratin l We applaud this “Ce year’s award recipients. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN MARCH/APRIL 2017 41