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MOUNT MADONNA SCHOOL State And National Environmental Awards ABOVE (l-r): Matt Rodriguez, California Secretary for Environmental Projection; Jessica Cambell, MMS fifth grade and elementary science teacher; Mary Supriya McDonald, MMS head of school; Jenni Leach, MMS director of Lower School; and Nate Rockhold, former MMS fifth grade co-teacher. Environmental education that engages students as community change-makers is a hallmark of the curriculum at Mount Madonna School (MMS). Recently, the efforts of MMS students were recognized statewide and nationally. The Seed of Flame, a STEM project undertaken by seventh grade students, was one of 16 finalists nationwide to receive a $10,000 prize through the 2016-17 air and climate Lexis Eco Challenge in February. Finalist teams are now participating in a chance to earn additional grants and scholarships. “Mount Madonna’s seventh grade has taken on this project in response to our changing climate,” said science teacher Katrina Leni-Konig. “We are engaging social media and art activism to raise awareness about local impacts, and to catalyze global action.” The students launched a challenge on Instagram, @seed_of_flame. The public is invited to post pictures of themselves or others hugging a tree, with the hashtag #hugatree. Selected photographs will be compiled into a public art exhibit. The class is supporting the organization, Trees for the Future, through an online campaign at Their goal is to raise $640, enough to help a family in Africa grow and maintain a forest garden, providing food security and enhancing environmental resources. They have created a YouTube video, “Seed of Flame Claymation,” and are in the process of designing a video game. Also in the works is a week-long summer camp for middle school kids to learn about forest ecology and stewardship, to be held at MMS. Inspired by the Loma Fire, a nearby wildfire that occurred in fall 2016, the students developed a plan to benefit the local community by transforming a school greenhouse into a forest nursery to restore forests after wildfire, disease, and other human impacts. Students began a small classroom seed bank, with seeds gathered from the forest surrounding their school. Once established, the forest nursery and seed bank will serve as an ongoing educational resource for the school and broad \[][]K\[HHYY[۝Z[\[وYY[Y[XܛY X[[]KXYۙK[[H\ 'HݙH]H[HXH[H[][]H\ܙH]ܙ\\[B\K8'HZY][ܘY\[\HX[\SH8(SԑSS8(SPTS[[XYۛHYܘY\ۙXHXXX[\[ZXܛ\X\^H\\وZ\\[\ۛY[B[ڙX PՑN[[XYۛH][ܘY\YY\X\Z\[\\\\وH8'Y]Yx'H[Yܘ[HYܝ YYٗٛ[YKY[[ۈ\Z[]HHYY[Z\ܙ\\\KۘH\X\Y B[[H[[Y\X\YY[\ܘ][ۈ][[XYۛK\[\˜ܙ[][][\H܈H\ܘ][ۈڙX]HXH\H]KX\[ܙHX]Z\ڙX \]]\˙KK[[XYۛKܙ\YY Bٙ[YK˂[[Y[\HY[X[HXZ]Y]HXY\]H\[][ۈوBݙ\ܸ&\[\ۛY[[[XۛZXXY\\]\ QSJK[X][B[\ۛY[[YX][ۈܚوSTYܘYHY[܈H\YX\BST\ۙHو L[YܛXHܙ[^][ۜ8$[HۛH8$Xۚ^Y]H MQSKH]x&\Y\[\ۛY[[ۛ܋[H\[[۞H[[X\H NB[Xܘ[Y[˂'H[H^[Y[HۛܙYHH\و[[XYۛH 8'H[Y[YڙXY[܈[XX\\XH[X[ 8'[]HܚY][X^[XX\›ZH]H[H]WHܚHX[[Y\X]Y[ܙX]H[]\ ][[œܘ[H][Y[[\[ۈ[\[Z\XHܙX]H]]H[B][Hܛx'B'\YX\&\QSHX\Y[\H[[ۜ][HܙX]]]H[Xܘ][ۈ]XZH[YܛXHHXY\[X[\[\ۛY[ 8'HZY[THXܙ]\HX]]”\]Y^8'^H[]\^[\\܈\Z[XHXX\[ Z[Z[]XۛZX[ܙ[^][ۘ[X\˸'B[H\[[۞H[X[\[\[Y]H\YX]HHB[YܛXH]H\[XKXۚ^[ST&HQSHXY][Y[\[YB\[X[X[X\ۙK\\[]]HوH ]\[XH\X PT TS M™Z^K