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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a …Drone W C.A.R. Magazine, Paul Smith hen people think of “drones,” issues like privacy violation and accidental harm come to mind. Americans overwhelmingly back the use of drones that target extremists abroad, but are reluctant to support private drones, including those utilized for commercial purposes at home, data from Pew Research Center shows. Yet drones don’t have to be scary, which many in the real estate industry recognized early on. Indeed, two years ago, the first REALTOR® applied for a special waiver to use a drone for commercial purposes. In 2015, one-third of special Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) waivers to fly drones for commercial purposes came from those in the real estate profession. California Real Estate spoke with two California-based businesses that have a considerable number of REALTOR® clients, and when it comes to using drones in real estate, the sky’s the limit for what can be achieved in real estate marketing. FAA Rule Change Many industries, especially real estate, appealed to the FAA, which issued a final operational rule for the use of commercial drones last summer. Drone opera- tors don’t need a pilot’s license anymore, but that doesn’t mean anyone can fly a drone for commercial reasons. Under the new regulations, the drone must weigh 55 pounds or less, cannot fly higher than 400 feet, cannot fly within five miles of an airport or registered landing strip, and cannot go faster than 100 mph. The rule took effect in late August, 2016 and requires a remote pilot airman certificate. To obtain the certificate, an applicant needs to be at least 16 years old, needs to pass an initial FAA-approved aeronautical knowledge test or hold an existing non-student Part 61 pilot certificate, complete a flight review within the previous 24 months, and complete an FAA-provided small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) online training course. This appears to be the FAA’s first step in facilitating greater drone use. “With this new rule, we are taking a careful and deliberate approach that balances the need to deploy this new technology with the FAA’s mission to protect public safety,” said Michael Huerta, Administrator of the FAA. “But this is just our first step. We’re already working on additional rules that will expand the range of operati ۜ˸'HHH[H\]\[ۙ\܈[Y\X[\\\]Z\\XX[X[[۸&]]^HHۙHY] H]\]ۙHXH\ۜY\XB]Y [X\\[[ܙHX\][[ۜ\H]Z[XHH\[Y\]]H[[H\[\وZ[ۙ\\XX[H܈X[\]H\\˂]X\]•X[X[B[HٙXK MX\H[[ܙKX[܈ԒB[\X[\]H\X\‘[[ܙUT\ٕ˘B  H LLBX[[[ܙKX[܂[\X[\]H\X\‘[[ܙUT\ٕ˘B  ̍‘H NM BM]\[ MLZHHY\ۘ]]X[ۛYH^[H]HX[Y\[[\Xܙ[HPK[H]8&\^[]KH\ۈ[XYHHٙ\[ۘ[[YY[X[H\X\[\]HH]XKۙHܘ\H\X[H\[HZY Z[Y[HY[[[ܘ\H\[HY[Y\[ˈ8'YHPS԰\YZ[˜\\HZ\ۈY\X[YH܈[Y\X[\\^H[HX]Z\[HPTX[B\YX][ۋ8'HX[KHYY[[H[[SوHY[ۙK[YܛXHX[\]K]\X[HY]ٙ\[ۘ[\[&]ۛHX[Y ^H\H[\Y ]8&\H[[Y[\YHZXY[^]ZY\HۙH[[Sو]\H[Y\X[ˈ^]ZY\[X[H\\H\YK܈[]\[ۋ[]\]Y\XZ܈[[ۈX\H\[Y\[\[ Zۛۈ[\\ˈY]H[وZ\Y[[HY\HHX[\]H[\K[\][\[[X\][¸'H[HZ[ܙX]HHYYXHX]]XZ\Y[Y[ZH^x&\H\K8'HX]\Hٝ[[Y\[H\H[[\]H܈]K[X\[ܙHX]H\HYY[ˈ\XۛYY]ۙHY[[ܘ\H[HK]ZY]8&\[ܙH[ܝ] 8'Y[HY܈BY][X]H[Z\[ۋX\\X[H]H܈^\[ ]8&\H^XXˈ]8&\]]\\H܋8'HHY\Y 8']]]ˈYH\[܈\ K [[XZH[\Y[[HX]]Y[ []8&\ܝ] 8'H\][[H\H܈\[HY[][B[H^HZ[K]\[ܙX\[H[ZHH\YY[ۈوۙ\܈[Y\X[\\š\XZ[HܛKPSԔ]Hۈ^H[HY[H܈\ H]\H\š\H[]8&\\[HZ[\[[\\KSH8(SԑSS8(SPTSPT TS M™Z^K