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Written By Larry J. Mickartz A partnership made in heaven is what I would call the marrying of the fine wines at Bella Viva Wine Bar and the gourmet cuisine of Garlic City Café. Over the past several months, J. Chris and I have enjoyed some amazing wines and excellent entrees sitting at the wine bar while our gourmet dinners were brought in from the Garlic City Café just down the street in downtown Gilroy. It was great fun sharing the unique experience with our Morgan Hill friends Dana and Elaine Ditmore. Over the past few years Bella Viva has developed quite the reputation as the “go to” local wine bar. Although not the easiest to find due to the lack of signage, word of mouth has made it one of Gilroy’s not-so-well-hidden jewels. The owner, Kellan McBain, has gathered an interest- ing and unique collection of wines and beers. He has an excellent palate and does a marvelous job of matching his collection to the tastes of his patrons and providing a tantalizing experience. In addition to their working relationship with Garlic City Café, Bella Viva now offers artisanal pizzas on weekends. That was a nice surprise for us. It was a cold and rainy night when we visited so, although the covered court- yard with a fireplace facing Monterey Street between Fifth and Sixth Streets was inviting, we ventured inside to enjoy the ambiance of what could be characterized as “San Francisco-ish.” The wood bar is grandiose, the piano in the corner elegant, and on this night, Chris Trevisan on the keyboard filled the rooms with pleasant music throughout our visit. We began our dining experience by ordering the Greek pizza, which was a tasty mix of carmelized onions, Kalamata olives, feta and mozzarella cheese, topped with fresh arugula. It proved to be an excellent appetizer to share as we began tasting our wine flights of choice. We all agreed that it was a “very good pizza.” The dough was fluffy and chewy at the same time and the ingredients fresh, with a bit of zing. We plan to return and try the two other pizza of ɥ̰ѡ5ɝɥф)ɽ͍ѼЁ͔]ݕɔѽ)ѡЁͽѡݥͼɥ̰ͅ)͔ѕ̸͕́)]ɑɕЁݥѡ)Ёȁͽɕɕ̸)ѡq tͥѥ)԰ЁAյɡ ́(ЁAIqɕɽгt ɹ)̸ѕȁѡqQɔхѥt)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)5I AI%0)ɥ́1ɅɥAЁɥ(Ё d ٤٤)iIͱɽ9ѡɸ)%х丁( ɥ́ѕȁѡq Ʌٔ9)]ɱL9܁]ɱٕ́=]ɱ) ɑtݥѠЁє+qMѕȁɕٕˊtɽ5ѕɕ䰁) Mхɽ9Ё ٔ)1՝䃊q1́ ɵϊtɽɅ)$ݕЁȁѡq]-܁AӊtݥѠ(́ՅAЁ9ȁɽ=ɕ(́)́ ɕI͕ٔɽɅ)́AIqɕɽӊt)ɽ9Ёͥ́ѡɕ(̵չ̸QɔɔЁЁѡɕ)ѡȁ́ѡԁѼ͔ɽ)ݥѠѱ٥-)ݥѠͽѡ́ѼեЁѡ)٥Յє)QЁ݅́ѥȁȁ)ɕ٥܁ѡɕ́مɽɱ) =ɑɥ͕̰݅́ݥѠ)-хȁɑȁɱ ) ݡ́܁́Ѡ )Yلٕɥи ɔȁͅ)́ݕɔ͕ٕ)ɑɕѡ ɽѕ)ɕЁ͡ݥѠ͡ɽ̰)ݡєݥхɐɕ)ͅՍ͕ٕٕȁ͡хѽ)ѽ乍(