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B Publishers Larry & J. Chris Mickartz at Leal Granada Theater opening. Proud Supporters Of: eing part of the South Santa Clara Valley community for most of our adult lives has given Larry and I an appreciation for all the amazing things that are being done by our city governments, school districts, organizations and non-profi ts. It is because of this appreciation that we support them whenever possible within the pages of this magazine. As we look to the new year, we are renewing our commitment to them and trust that our readers will continue to enjoy fi nding out about their work and, with that, come to appreciate their contributions to helping make our area such an amazing place to live and work. As we pondered the transition from 2016 to 2017 we looked back at 2016 in our Year In Review, 2016 photo essay (pages 100-102) and in looking forward, we selected some individuals who we feel are in a position to make some pretty significant differences in 2017 — they are featured in our profiles of “People to Watch in 2017” (pages 24-36). We would have liked to have been able to include Dan Harney, Gilroy City Councilman just appointed by the City Council to fill newly elected Mayor Roland Velasco’s vacant seat. We are very impressed with his vision for the city and would like to share that with our readers in a future issue of TODAY . We are very excited to introduce our new web- site and thank Articulate Solutions for helping us provide our readers with an interactive site that is searchable and fun. We’ve added a blog in hopes that our readers will take the opportunity to let us know all the wonderful things they would like to see within our pages. Remember, this magazine is for and about you. And we want to hear from you. gmh The Morgan Hill Photography Club is presenting a photography exhibition at the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center, 17000 Monterey Street, starting January 9 th and continuing through February 22 nd . The exhibit, themed “Black and White,” features 56 photo- graphs from 34 artists and includes a diverse selection of photographic genres that have been rendered in black and white. The general public is invited to attend the Artist’s Reception on Wednesday February 1 st from 5:30 pm to 7 pm. We want to wish all our advertisers, contributors, writers, and readers a happy and prosperous New Year. 2016 has been a good year for TODAY and it has us at been an honor to produce a magazine for and about the entire South Santa Clara Valley. gmh Our goal has always been to produce an upscale, content-rich community magazine that high- lights community involvement, activities and stories of achieve- ment and challenges that make our region such an amazing place to live and work. We trust that TODAY is the magazine that our community will continue to embrace and enjoy for years to come. gmh To start our 2017 year, we have completely revamped our website to include search capabilities and provide an ongoing conversation with you, our readers. We hope you will take a moment to visit us online and provide feedback on our new site. And don’t forget to let us know if you have a topic, person or place you would like see within our pages. In case you missed any of our 2016 issues, we’re providing a recap for you to review. If you see a story of interest, visit our website to see what you missed: For more information: GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017 9