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Hwy 101 at Cochrane Road I Morgan Hill It’s alright to use just the spoon or the fork if you feel more comfortable (spoons for ice cream and fruit, forks for pie or cake). • The coffee cup is placed to the extreme right of both the water glass and the utensils. • Alas, the dinner plate is always in the middle of the utensils. It is the star of the show. A SIMPLE RULE TO REMEMBER EAT TO YOUR LEFT, DRINK TO YOUR RIGHT. ANY FOOD DISH TO THE LEFT IS YOURS, AND ANY GLASS TO THE RIGHT IS YOURS. It’s OK to ask when in doubt. And remember the words from Emily Post, “it doesn’t matter which fork you use, what really mat- ters is that you use a fork!” These are all just guidelines to go by when dining. If someone uses the wrong utensil at a dinner party, don’t bring that to their attention. That would be using bad man- ners and more wrong than using the wrong fork. Dining with friends and family is all about building relationships, not calling folks out on what they do wrong. Have fun with this. I have more to come next issue on table manners! Something For Everyone! H ARRY & S ON JEWELERS Leasing Information: Prime Commercial 408.879.4000 Dixie Divine I Doug Ferrari I Denise Lupretta Sequoia Management Company l 408.559.9227 OFFICE & RETAIL SPACE l MINI STORAGE l APARTMENTS In Fremont, Morgan Hill and San Jose GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017 89