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Laura noted that unlike some dive boats, the Belle Amie’s cages were constructed of stainless steel with soldered bars. It reassured her in the face of earlier news that a shark had penetrated the dive cage of another boat with cages made of weaker aluminum bars that were only bolted together. The Mexican government had responded with new safety requirements, basically to protect the sharks from inadvertently being trapped in unsafe cages, risking the safety of both sharks and divers. The Belle Amie cruised overnight before anchoring. Cage diving began at 6:30 am. “The anticipation was huge,” Laura said. “I’d waited two years to make this dive, and this was only one of two places in the world to do cage dives, the other one being off the coast of Africa. The water was incredibly clear and temperate in the high 60s to low 70s, the ideal environment for great whites. “I wore my dry (diving) suit, which allowed me to stay toasty warm even while staying in the water for up to four hours Ё)ѥ$ЀԴչ́ѼݕЁЁͼ́ЁѼ)չɽչݸѡ͡ɬt+q=ȁȁ݅́хѡи]Չɝ)ݥѠȁɕձѽ̰ѕ䁄ɕѡѼѡə)ݥѠх́ѡ٥Ё͔MٕɅ)́Ѽѡٔѡٕѕȁѽѡ)љɴЁ̸ٔаѡЁɕ܁ѡɕ)Ս́մѼѡ݅ѕȁѼɅЁѡ͡ɭ̸Q䁍)ݥͥɕѱ䁅Ё̰ѡչȁٕ)ȁٔ ӊéͅݽձЁѡ)́́Ё݅)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8))9UId IUId)ѽ乍(