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edition in 1893. His family joined him in 1894 and they built a home at the corner of Del Monte Avenue and First Street in 1896. In 1902 Edes sold the newspaper to his competitors at the Morgan Hill Times. Mr. Edes also served as Morgan Hill’s postmaster from 1897 until his retirement in 1905. A large portrait of Verti Edes delivering the mail with his horse-drawn mail carrier buggy still hangs in the offices of Union Bank on Tennant Avenue. George’s sons, Verti and Clyde, decided to strike out on their own in 1916 by taking over the 2nd and Monterey building from the Stone family and forming the Edes Brothers partner- ship as “Dealers in Choice and Staple Groceries with Prices Right.” The Edes Bros. name soon adorned the Second Street wall of the building, along with a new ad for flapjack mix. They expanded into a general merchandise store until 1923, when they dissolved their partner- ship and changed career paths. Clyde Edes served as Mayor of Morgan Hill from 1920 to 1928. Edes family mem- bers still residing in South County sug- gest that the brothers were experiencing some cash flow problems caused by an overly generous credit policy. That same year, the family purchased the property with their mother, Nettie, as owner. It’s my opinion that the family probably rented out their business or installed a manager for about 10 years, keeping the Edes Bros. name on the building until at least 1933, when Monterey Road was widened. In 1920, the Estes family sold the property to J.Y. Jones, who transferred the property deed to Nettie Edes three years later. Nettie leased out the retail property to three successive businesses, beginning in 1924 with Steeles Cash & Carry Grocery, in 1927 to Tremeroux Meats, and in 1931 to Rainbow Grocery. Even so, the Edes Bros. name remained emblazoned on the original building until 1938 when it was remodeled and downsized to accommodate the widening of Monterey Road. All businesses on the west side of the street had to adjust their property line by 17 feet to handle the expansion of Monterey Road as a State Highway. Property records show the Edes family re ѡɽѡɽ՝ѕ) ѕȁѡɕՍѥ))Qȁѡ܁ѕа)Qˊé5ɭЁЁѡ䁍ɹȸ)ѕȁ]ɱ]ȁ%$ѡ́)ɕɹѼѡȁɹȁɽ丁YѤ)х͡Ʌͥ(ѕȁѼAٕͥ) 呔ݽɭЁѡɵˊéU)չѥ́ͽɝéɕɸɽѡ)9丁 呔ɝٔ)Q)啅ˊéѥѼمєѡȁե)ѕȁݡѡ䁽Ё́)!ɑ݅ɔ)5ɝ!e)ЁɵɭЁ5ѕɕI)ݡɔѡݥѽɔх́ѽ丁!)ͼ͕ٕ́5ɝ!éȁɽ(āѼظQɅ䰁݅́)ѽЁ́)݅́ɽͥѡɕЁЁ5ѕɕ䁅)MMѱѡɕѕȰѡЁɅ)ͥ́ݕɔх5ɝ!)%ѡ́ͽѡɐ)݅ɔͥ́ѼѡMՕɤ ɽѡ̰ݡ)Ʌѕѡɔչѥกѕȁݹ)ѡեɱԁ啅̰ѡ)ͽЁѼ܁ݹ́ݥѠ)͔ͥ́qt) ɱєԤMхѤ)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8))9UId IUId)Mхѧẽq ɹȁ՟t́ѥ)ɵ䰁ͽչхЁ͡)Qչх؁ѽ͕ٕ́)ͅݥ̰ͽ̰ɕɕ̸+q ɹȁ՟t݅́ɕЁѼ)ݹѽݸ䁙ȁ1ٔ=!)MՑ̸%Ё݅́܁́)ݕٕ݅́役éɥ䁱)ɵи]ѡMхѧéɕѥɕ)ఁѡձЁ䁅յ)ݹ͡٥ɽѡȁɍ)ѡḾ եѼхٕ)ѡ́ɽ丁 ɱ́ɱ)ձЁݕɔѡɽͥ) ɱ́݅́٥危и%ѡ(́ѡ䁉ѡɽɥѽ́)MѠY ̸ѥ啔)ѡձӊḛ5ɬMلɥ䁽ݹ)ѡ͡ɽԁѼ)%ܰݔ݅ɐѼ)ѕȁѡѽɥ5ɝ!e)ͽѡݕЁɹȁЀɹ5ѕɕ)ѡ́Ѽ͕)5 Ʌɕѕѥͥ)չ䁱ȁ5ɝ!)݅́ɕѼɕ͕ٔЁ)5ɝ!ѽ䁥́܁ݹѽݸ)ɽЁͼݥѠѡȁͥ)̰ѡ́ ɽ̸ݥ)ɸѡͽѡݕЁɹȁɹ)5ѕɕ丁Mхչ)ѽ乍(