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Highest Return On Investment Home Projects A fter the New Year, many homeowners are feeling the need to move to a larger or smaller home or renovate their existing property. Spring is usually the peak time to sell or buy your new home so getting your prior home ready for ale can be a priority. Looking at the return on your investment is very important both in desirability for your home and getting the highest possible price. The following projects remind you of the ones that you get the best return for your dollars spent. Highest ROI Averages: Top 5 Projects Replacing the entry door is 101.8% The entry is the fi rst thing buyers see. Don’t let your home be judged by a shoddy door. A steel door is best return and next is a fi berglass door. Installing a new fi replace is 91% of your investment Buyers rank fi replaces among the top 3 amenities they want in their home. For best air quality and local guidelines, you may want to have a fi replace insert installed. Remodeling the kitchen is 85% of your investment. The kitchen often makes or breaks a sale. Buyers know it is expensive and time consuming to remodel a kitchen so when they look to buy they are drawn to a remodeled kitchen fi rst. Converting the attic into a bedroom is 83% of your investment. The average cost of the key elements to strengthen the fl oors, add insulation, framing if needed and fi nishing is approximately 5K to 6K. Yet adding another bedroom can possible ad up to 40 K to the price of your home. Replace the exterior siding or cladding of the home is 80.7%. The appearance and future maintenance of the home is seen right when you drive up and means everything to curb appeal and quality of the home. Inexpensive and Simple Renovation Tips Fix all your windows and doors. Replace fogged windows, caulk them and fi x any dry rot and b