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O n Valentine’s Day we most often celebrate populations always appreciate staple foods, they also enjoy romantic love, displaying our affection to special holiday-themed treats to hand out to those who partake significant others through gifts of flowers, of their services. Whether you bake your own goodies or bring chocolates, and lavish dinners out. However, in a few boxes of chocolates, your sweet effort will not go what if this year you celebrated love in all of its forms by giving of your time, energy and thoughtfulness to those in unappreciated. need, instead? Thanksgiving and Christmas are traditional Support Childhood Cancer Research holidays for giving to others, and by the time February rolls There is perhaps no group who suffers more at the holidays around, many of us go back to our regularly scheduled than parents who have lost children. After losing her six-year- routines. This year, consider how you can help those people old daughter Jennifer to an aggressive cancer just three years who might be most in need of love that they are no longer ago, local Gilroy mom Libby Kranz started the non-profit able to experience or who are enduring challenging life organization Unravel Pediatric Cancer, which raises money for situations. From elderly widowers to parents who have lost research on childhood cancers. Her Gilroy-based organization children, here’s a roundup of things to do this Valentine’s Day offers many ways for people to get involved in the fight to end that bring love to those who need it most. childhood cancer. If you know any family that has had to bear this unbearable kind of loss, considering reaching out with a Take a Valentine’s Gift to Someone in a Nursing Home special note of love at this time of year. Many of the elderly folks at retirement communities have Give Love to the Unsung Workers in Your Community lost a spouse, or have infrequent visits with family, spending Some of the most hardworking people are those we think about much of their time alone. “Even just giving a few minutes the least because they so quietly and efficiently go about their of your time, a personal touch and personal contact makes jobs: The clerks who ring up your groceries, the postal person a big difference,” says Jean Tognaccini, owner of Villa Serena who delivers your mail, the people who do your yard work, retirement home in Morgan Hill. Better yet you can get a housecleaning, and those who pick up your garbage. Consider group together to “adopt” a nursing home, and be sure that surprising one or more of these people in your life with a every resident there gets a gift or card. Valentine’s note or gift. Adopt a Platoon Offer to Babysit a Friend’s Kids Our military personnel don’t get to take holidays off much of Parenting is some of the most important and exhausting work the time, and many of them are separated from their loved ones anyone can do. Many parents have trouble arranging childcare for long stretches of time. A bright spot of cheer at this time in order to spend some quality time together at this time of of year can make all the difference. Visit to year. If you’re in the position to do so, offer to babysit a friend’s find out how you can send cards or gifts to these dedicated children so they and their significant other can go out on a date. military folks. Take a Single Friend Out Send Valentine’s to Incarcerated Youth Valentine’s day can be awfully lonely if you’re not with a partner. For youth in juvenile detention centers, every holiday, no Single people generally find this holiday boring at best, and matter how small, can be a reminder of the loved ones they unbearable at worst. If you’re in the position to do so, consider don’t get to spend time with for the time being. Consider taking a single friend out for a “date” to do something fun. sending small valentine’s ca ܈Y\H[]]]]\[HH]\[[[x&\^HHB[Hۛ^x&\H[ۙK[Z[\و[H^\[H[XY[\ݙH[Hܛ[[[[x&\X][\[[H܈ ][Y[[H\[\[\[\[[\[H[Y\]\HZ[YH[Y[\[HݙH\܈Y[\ݙYۙ\^HY SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSSPTKёPPTH M™Z^KB