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ADVERTORIAL To Go Solar… or NOT Go Solar? W ow, as a customer I’ll bet you have never heard of a solar company trying to dissuade its customers from going Solar, but the “reality of things” dictates that Going Solar needs to be the right thing to do for the specific customer. Many solar companies are ready to install solar on any and all roofs for any and all customers. Many customers, as well, want to Go Solar at what appears to be at any and all costs, because of the numerous benefits of Solar.  Most fair-minded and professional solar companies however, will avoid the “cookie-cutter approach” to solar and consider the individual needs of its customer before proceeding in a less than beneficial manner for that customer. Therefore, as counterproductive as it may sound, there are times and instances where the best approach to Solar, is NO approach at all! When NOT to consider going with a Solar System: When the energy bill is too low - for electricity bills less than $100 per month, unless one is specifically interested in the environmental benefits of Solar, it is difficult to justify the added expense to Go Solar. There may be some instances where it does make sense. For example, if one is planning on using more electricity in the future, purchasing an electric car that might include the use of an electric car charging station. A customer might be attracted to the benefits of Solar battery backup systems ( for powering the home during outages, or peak shaving—simply storing less expensive generated energy from solar for use during the more expensive times of the day. Generally, however, regardless of what solar company representatives may say, a below $100 per month electricity bill is stretching the cost benefit ratio of solar quite a bit. When location on the roof or shade becomes a limiting factor.   Pamela Garcia, Founder, Simmitri. Simmitri is a Silicon Valley Corporation, birthed in the Gilroy/Morgan Hill area, in 1995, that helps it’s residential and commercial cli- entele harness Solar Energy Technology in all its forms today, and into the future. 408.779.3333 Some roofs will not get enough sunlight due to a poor alignment to the sun. A north or east facing orientation is less beneficial, And a south facing isthe best. Even if the location of the solar array on the roof is oriented correctly, there may not be enough sunlight to generate sufficient electricity output because of shade. The array can be negatively affected by shade from trees, obstacles, roof obstructions, leaves continually falling on the solar panels, or the like. Even though micro inverters, AC Panel technology, and thin film solar have been shown to mitigate this problem somewhat, if there is quite a bit of shade, solar is generally not the way to go. Unsuitable roofs. Some roofs are too steep, or need replacement or improvement before a solar array can go on them. A roof that is 15 to 20 years old or more may not be the best candidate for solar. Think of replacing the roof, if it might present a potential problem, BEFORE installing a solar system. Utilizing a GAF roof system by a “Master Elite“ certified installer, along with high- efficiency Sunpower Panels, can be the most effective way to approach roof and solar appropriately, and also to maintain “best of industry” complementary warranties when installed together. Simmitri is a fair-minded and professional so ȁѡЁٕ́ѡЁͥ锁́9=P)Ё %M=1H́ݥѠѡȁѕȁɽѼɝ䁵ЁѼ)ɕ锁ѡչՔɕٕ́́䁥٥Յѽȸ)QqͥtЁMɤ́Ѽɕѽɔѡݕȁ͡ѥѡɝ䁥)݅䁙ɽѥѥ́ %M=1HѼѡ٥Յݹȸ]ɽ٥ٕ䁍ѽ)ݥѠݕȰͥхѡ݅䁥Ё͡ձݥѠ䰁аѠ)ͅ䁅Ёѥ̸ٕ)ѥ䰁Mɤ́q5ѕȁє ѥIAɽͥtݥѠ)ѡɝЁɽՙɕȁ9Ѡɥ́ݕ́Mչݕȃqєˊt)ɥͥхqѡЁݕəհͽȁ́ѡӊtȁ啅̸)YͥЁMɤȁ MɤЀऀ́Ѽ͕Mȁ́ɥЁȁԸ)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8))9UId IUId)ѽ乍(