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Y You would never guess after meeting Gilroy resident Maureen Pramanik that the fast-paced and hectic world of the stock market is one of her main passions in life, but you’d be wrong. In 1986 Pramanik graduated from Rutgers University. Soon after she immersed herself in the world of foreign currencies, working on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, which, considering Pramanik’s soft-spoken nature and almost shy demeanor makes her quite an enigma. “That job was my favorite of all favorites,” Pramanik said smiling. “You had to really be up on basically the news of the world.” Pramanik may have remained on the East Coast, caught up in the world of foreign exchange, but after meeting and marrying Debashis Pramanik more than twenty years ago, the couple moved across the United States and chose California to establish their new home. After settling in Gilroy, the Pramanik family grew by one; their son Will was born 14 years ago. With his birth came the catalyst for Pramanik’s second passion in life, photography, providing her a creative way of documenting Will’s early years. Debashis, already a photography enthusiast, became his wife’s tutor and schooled Pramanik on the technical aspects of digital photography. “I tend to be a visual person, and it just kind of put that all together,” Pramanik said, adding, “It was somewhat of an artistic outlet, first of all, and I just enjoy taking pictures.” Over the next few years, with her son as the main subject of her photos, Pramanik perfected her newfound talent. When Will reached second grade, the Pramanik’s decided a change of venue would be good for their son, and Will was enrolled at Mount Madonna School (MMS). As it turned out, the new school venue also provided Pramanik an audience for her talent. “Within weeks of joining the school Maureen started taking photographs of special occasions, and sharing them with the school office,” Lara Kilpatrick, former Director of Admissions at Mount Madonna, said. “She soon became a regular MMS parent photographer, donating her time and energy, capturing intimate moments in the lives of the students in school performing arts productions, winter concerts, class projects, and special gatherings.” Leigh Ann Clifton, current Director of Marketing and Communications at MMS, noticed Pramani Y]^H[H[YHHݙ\^YX\Yˈ8'H[^\YB[Y\K[H\[^\Z[8'HYۈZY 8'BX[^Y [[[[YYX][K[H]\x&\HYH[[ 'B[[XYۛx&\\\[X[X]X[\ܛX[\˜X[YHH]ڙX܈[X[Z\HXYH]\HYܝ ]\HYX\\\Hو]\HY[ []\BX[ۋ'H[^\XYHH[و][[XY\وXX[]\BY[ []\XK8'H[]XZY Y[8'\XYB[HY[Y[XX[ XY \XX]Y 'B[X[ZYZ]ܘ\[]HX[ۈ\]Z]HH[[KSH8(SԑSS8(SPTS'\[H^\[HۛH]HHY][[ []]\[H] [H] 'B]܈[X[ZH[[Y[و\\[ۈ\]ZYH[[\X]\]HXXX]\[\[X\ٝ[Hۙ\HܝY[HYZ]\H \BH]\\HYH[[[ۋ']8&\\H]\ٞZ[[HY[ZH[H\\YH\[Hق]\ۈ\]][ 8'H[X[ZZY 8'[B\ۈ\Z[[ܙH[Z[KHY\]8&\H\H]\]8&\Hܘ\܈ ]8&\^H\ۘ[\Y]\'B[X[Z&\\\X[\\[[YH][[ۙB][[HYZHHYY] ]\ܛ\]\Y]ٙYB\] ']\Y[HZHH]\[][Y[H][œܘ\K^x&\H\H]X[]Y ^x&\H\H\X[ [H[\]HX\K8'H[X[ZZY [Y[\[ݙYۈH[[XYۛH\\Y [X[Z\]\H[[[ۈ۝[YB\[[Y[ \[\\۝X][ۜH BY[HY[[XXY\[[ \YX][ۋ[\[\ۙ\ˈ[\H\X]\Yܝ[۝[YHH\XX]Y ']x&\Z[YX\Y\H[Z[\Y[YH^\[H[H\[\܈Hۙ[YK8'BYۈZY \[[[[H\[ [ܛY\YZ[\]܈]ST[]XZYx&[[XZ[Y\H[ٝ[X]\Y[[X[Z8'܈\[\]YH^YH[H[وH[]YX[ \ܘ\X^[[K[\^\[ۘ[H][\] 'BSPTKёPPTH M™Z^KBL