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GUSD Taps the Power of Language Written By Laura Corea-Hernandez, PIO, Gilroy Unfied School District S tudies have shown that bilingualism, or the mastery and use of two languages, has a positive impact on learning, listening, connecting with others, and problem solving. The Gilroy Unified School District is proud of its Dual Immersion Program, which is one of only five such programs in California that serve students from Kindergarten through 12th Grade. The program has exceeded expectations and evolved to meet student needs. Part of its success owes to the dedicated leadership and support of the District’s Board of Trustees, Superintendent Flores, and GUSD teachers. Dual Immersion Trailblazer Las Animas Elementary was GUSD’s first school to adopt Dual Immersion in 2001 under the leadership of Principal Silvia Reyes. Results there were so positive that the Board of Trustees not only supported its continuance, but also its expansion and replication, beyond the initial grant. In 2006-2007, South Valley Middle School adopted Dual Immersion, followed by Rod Kelley Elementary in 2008-2009 and Gilroy High School in 2010-2011. During the years since our district began implementing Dual Immersion, we have seen increased student enrollment in AP classes and A-G courses (Biology, World History, Environmental Science and Global Studies), and higher graduation rates. We’ve also seen an increase in students pursuing extracurricular activities, embarking on service learning projects, and taking on leadership roles in the school and community. Student Families Embrace Program Ou Y[[Z\\[\H[YXXZ[H^ ][KBYX\[Z]Y[HX[[[Y\[ۈYX][ۘ[^\Y[KY[\[[ܚ\[Z\\[\B\ܝ]HوZ\Y[&HYܝH^HۙHYܘYX][ۋ]8&\^][YHH]\H]\Y[\BܙX][܈[\[\H][^[]^H]HX\YBH[[X[YX][ۋ\܈H^[\][ۈوY[B[X\]H\ܘ[H[XH[^K\X ]YKݙ\B^\YX\˂[^H[[Y[\H[\[X\]H[Y˜\XX]\Hܘ[x&\[Y]Y\H\[YZ[\]܈[\H\[وHX[[[Y\[ۈY[ Xܙ[[Y8'^H]Y\\\[HH\X[[HX[[[Y\[ۈܘ[H][HY Z[H\وHX[[[Y\[ۈ[Z[H\Y[]\[ˈY[YH[[HوX\[[XY\[][[[\KX[Y[^HY]ܚ[YY][Y^X][ۜ\]BHXY[ZXY܈و\ܘ[KH^X][\\[H[\]\[K\Y[X\[YH[x&\Y\[\^H][Hؘ[Y][^H\HYZY][KB[\]\KH[HHYYZ[\]܈[[][Y\\[وHX[[[Y\[ۈ 'B[[[\]XX]YX\Hܘ[H۝[Y\^[\XX[H]\\Xٙ\]XܛHLLYX][ۂ]^K[ MK\\X8&\X[[[Y\[ۈܘ[HXZ]YH\Y[\[[]\HH[YܛXH\\X][ۋ[\\\HKQ[Hٙ\[\[XYBܘ[\[Kؘ[YY\[ܛ\ܞKY[\BXۛYY܈Z\[Z]Y[Hܘ[H[HXX[\[[۞H\ۈ[[ۋܘYX][ۋ[H[YYY\X\ۛܙY]H[[]\ MJH܈]X[[[Y\[ۈܘ[KX\Y H\H[BY[\[X\[^ܛY\][^HZYB[\[[\H][K\[[ܛY\[^B[[Y[\H[\[X\]H[Y[Z\\[[\[[X\[[Y[\H[\[[XH^Y\˂SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSSPTKёPPTH M™Z^KB