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School. “After I came here, everything changed,” she said. “I’m studying hard to reach my goal to be a teacher. Everyone is given a chance to express herself and we get to share ideas. We are learning how to be visionary leaders.” She said that after school each day, she went home and shared with her mother what she was learning at school. “. . .we educate our mothers, we educate even others around the community. Now, because I am a student, anything is possible for me through my hard working at school. Opportunities are open. I would like one day to see all of them, everybody, to get education, to see girls and boys, going to school together.” Bertha is now in 12th grade and studying Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Math. She is scheduled to go to University in the fall of 2017! Positive Outcomes Through the leadership of Rotarians Lorena Tuohey and Chuck Berghoff of Morgan Hill, Bella Mahoney of Saratoga, and Allan Va rni of Los Altos, eight Bay Area Rotary Clubs (mentioned earlier) have funded a $57,815 grant to cover much-needed additions to the school campus. A new mobile “TabLab” provides students with tablet computers so they can access high quality educational content online, offl ine and off the grid—a critical advantage in remote communities. TabLab comes with 20 tablets, a server with a terabyte of content, and two years of teacher training. Students can work in groups, and pursue project-based learning, using the tablets at custom desks built by local tradesmen. The school was also retrofi tted with modern solar panels, sourced in-country and installed by local tradesmen, to provide a continu- ous natural source of electricity. Washing stations were installed to deliver clean running water to support daily hygiene. Anne Cross, IEFT board member and an ambassador for Rotary Today , Orkeeswa provides secondary school education to more than 250 youth, more than 55 percent of whom are girls. According to its 2015 Annual Report, Orkeeswa is one of the highest performing schools in Tanzania with a pass rate of 100 percent for 8th, 10th and 12th Grade students. It has 18 graduates now enrolled in college/uni- versity degree programs, and 21 undergrads serving as volunteer teachers and coaches in local primary schools. Orkeeswa students performed 12,262 hours of community service through student-led proje