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education to be fully realized requires a socio-cultural shift,” Peter said. “Parents must allow their teens to attend school and do their homework rather than working in the fields. Girls must persevere in their pursuit of education. Boys must learn to see girls as peers who possess capabilities and potential just as they do. Schools must foster in their students a sense of commitment to their culture and community. Communities must be open to change as a new generation emerges. The change comes from within, and it takes time.” Peter also established the Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania (IEFT), a nonprofit organization to raise funds to support the construction and operation of Orkeeswa School and the education of its students. One of its early board members, Anne Cross, is a friend of Chuck Berghoff, a Morgan Hill Rotarian. Their friendship is the genesis of this story. Chuck Berghoff . . . Chuck might never have connected with Orkeeswa if it weren’t for the fact that he plays in a Bluegrass garage band with Anne Cross’s husband Jon. As Chuck explained it, “When our band gets together to perform gigs, our wives often come along. On several occasions, Anne and Jon talked of having served as volunteers at the inception of Orkeeswa School and having been moved by the needs of the kids and the vision of its school leaders. Later Anne was invited to join the IEFT Board. My wife Sue and I were deeply touched and we decided to sponsor an Orkeeswa student. “In 2014, Anne asked if I thought local Rotary Clubs would be interested in raising funds to support the needs at Orkeeswa. I mentioned this to Brad Ledwith, Morgan Hill Rotary Club President at the time, and he took it to Lorena Tuohey, who leads our club’s inter- national service projects. Literally within hours we got the ball rolling. We met with Anne Cross and members from other Bay Area Rotary Clubs. An international service project was born with the support of the Saratoga, Los Altos, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Gilroy Sunrise, San Juan Bautista, Hollister and Almaden Rotary Clubs. “In keepin