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G abriel Gonzalez brings over 20 years of local government experience to his role as Gilroy’s City Administrator. He joined the City in early 2016 from a Management Consulting role with Management Partners, a national consulting firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Previously, Gonzalez served as City Manager for the cities of Mendota and Rohnert Park, California, and Augusta, Kansas; and as Assistant City Manager for the City of El Monte, California. Gonzalez has an established track record of guiding organizations smoothly through financial and operational transformations while upholdin H\Y\Y\Y\X™[]\Hو]H\X\ˈ۞[^˜HX\\&\YܙYH[XXYZ[\][ۂH[YܛXH]H[]\]K\ۛ[HX[ܸ&\YܙYH[\[\YZ[\][ۈH][ۘ[[]\]KB]]Hو[Hܝ^۞[^]\š[[H\HH\HY[X\و[B\H[ܝ\Y\[[˜[][]H[[Y[ 'x&[Hܘ]YYYH\وX[] B[[]Hݙ\Y[ [ܚ]Y\™܈ M\K]HXH][ [\KBY[[]H[[]YX[[]Hܙ[^][ۘ[][ ZY[]BYZ[\][ۈ[\[XKY][Y[ [[\^][ۈو\\[\XX\ˈ܈Y][Y[\x&\X\[ۈ[[[][ B[[\]Z\[[\YY\ݚYBH\XH\X\\[][]Kx&\H[[\H\XܙX][ۈ[]X[]HوYHܘ[\۝[YH\B[Y[X\وH[][]K[x&\™ܛ[[][]H[Y[Y[[\ݙ\›\[X[HۈHܙY۝\B^H\[][ۈ[\Y[ۋ'BSH8(SԑSS8(SPTSXY[۞[^SPTKёPPTH M™Z^KB