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Project Roadmap Written By Robin Shepherd When the time comes for our kids to start making their own decisions about getting an education and building a future, they need a roadmap. I know what you’re thinking. . . try telling that to a teenager! One local organization is doing just that, with great results. First year program participants (l-r): Edgar Gonzalez, Esperanza Gonzalez, Isidro Gonzalez, Jennifer Gonzalez, Freda Ross, Claudia Ross, Mario Banuelos, Uriel “Cookie” Alvarez, Irene Macias-Morris, Irisbel Gonzalez, Former Morgan Hill Mayor Dennis Kennedy, George Flores, Luis Gonzalez, Francesco Justo. I n 2010, George Flores, Claudia Rossi and Mario Banuelos established Project Roadmap. The focus of Project Roadmap is to create a college going culture among first-generation students and their parents. The goal is to empower kids to create their own roadmap so they can achieve their full potential, from campus to career. Empowered parents are also part of the equation. George Flores was and still is a Science teacher at Britton Middle School. Claudia Rossi was on the Morgan Hill Unified School District (MHUSD) Board of Education in 2010, and she’s currently on the Santa Clara County Board of Education. Mario Banuelos is a founding board member of the Morgan Hill Community Foundation (MHCF). All three are passionate advocates of this program. According to George, “We attended a countywide conference, ALAS (Achieving Latinx Advancement and Success), at San José State University, and it got me thinking that we could do our own conference. We could hold workshops to help students and their parents come up with a long-term roadmap that included the steps they needed to take and a time- line.” Claudia and Mario agreed. “Project Roadmap serves kids from 20 middle school through high school,” George expla VB( vRv&vFG0vFFW( &RB6VvRFW&@G2vG&VbvrFFR&rP662'WBfRƗGFRFVvBBFW0FvWBFW&R( g&FR&Vvrv^( fRv&V@66VǒvFF7G&7B6V6V'2@FV6W'2W"662F76V֖FRFPV6W76'f&F&VFVBF6VvPr'WBf"6Rf֖ƖW2B6&PfW'vV֖rBFFFwVF6P2&WV&VBrFRvf"76Ч7Vr&VG2vR&fFRf&FখFV"FfRwVvR6FW6&Pv&RB7W'FfRbFV"7GVFVG>( v2B7F2( W"7GVFVG2VVBFrFPVG&6R&WV&VVG2f"FffW&V@6VvW2vVFV&r676W2r676W2FFRBv@FVfW26WFFfRu66&R6Pf֖ƖW2F( B&VƗRFW( &RVƖv&Rf f6B"rFǒf"BFWVVBFrvVFR4BW7B&PFVBr7GVFVG26&W&Rf BfW&RFFR6W'F7FW2BFR&v@FRV2֗76VB'GVFW2( ėN( 2&VƗG6V6f"FRG2( ФvV&vR6BFFr( FW&^( 2&Цf"VG&V2( Фt$( "$t( "4%DतT%dT%%T%#p6VF&76&V6VBFRf'7BVWFpb&V7B&F( vRvB7GVFVG0BFV"&VG2FvWFW"B6B( vPvBRF&R&RFfrFR&W7@76&RFF6VvRVGV6Fv6vVF'2b'GVGFW&^( 2&Ff"7V66W72f"V6bR( ( Ю( vRWBvFFRf֖ƖW2vVVЦVG2B6VBvBFV"66W&2vW&PBrvR6VBV( 6VFFFVB( vVg&W67GVFVB6BRfV@FFǒ7B672vR6VBbv&6VffV7FfRFRFrvVBVP6BW26vRFRBVB琧7GVFVG2GFVFVBvVFRG26BFWVVFVBVvF4BFW7B&W&FvRWBFvWFW"Wrv&6BPVWFr&VB6VB( vB6vRFFVW"G2vWB66'63( vR6WBWv&6f"FBF( Ф2&&VV2FW67&&VBB( v^( &PW7Bf6ƗFF'2FRG2V&FG&fRFP&6W72( &Bǒ6֗GFVB0FRFVfRFR&V7Bf'v&B'W@R66VBFRԄ4b&&BF66FW gVFr7W'Bf"&V7B&F( vRfFR66F֖7G&F'2FV6W'2B&fW762g&'W6W72rBFW"fVG2FVBv&62( Ф&6B( &Rf'7BvVW&F6VvRw&G2v( fRfW&6R'7F6W0vևFF6