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Jim O’Briant In Concert As we talked, I found out that Jim was conducting the Pacific Brass Band for a concert in conjunction with the Christopher High School Band. Judy and I went, and it was a great concert. This led to our discussion about doing a concert at the Elks and raising funds for high school scholarships, which you will hear about later in this story. It also got us talking about being in your 60s and living in Gilroy. Our story begins with Kay being born in Modesto and growing up in Patterson, California, where her family had a dairy and farmed apricots. Jim was born in Missouri, but his family moved on to Iowa where he lived until he graduated from high school. Kay and Jim first “met” online in 1990 when they were active participants in a “Wine Bulletin Board.” When Jim’s work brought him to California in 1992, he emailed Kay and suggested getting together for a glass of wine. They each showed up with two bottles, two wine glasses and a cork- screw. They’ve been together ever since. They moved to Gilroy in the spring of 1993, when Kay accepted a position as controller of a local winery. She went on to work for E&J Gallo in Modesto. When she worked for Gallo she remembers being in the same building with Charlie Rossi (known to the public as “Carlo Ro x'JKH[YH[HٙXHۘH[H[H[\\[XZ[ ^H[X]Y]H8'][Y[H[\H][[Y]YHوHX[وH[H[\H[Y[ؙ\[ۙ]K\\]\و\\ܝY[Y[X\›وHX\X[H[Z[K'H\]\] [HX\X[H[H\H[H[YHܘYX][\][\Z[HYB\\]ܞH[[H[ NMN [ L^HX[YHH[\]H\\]YHY]BДH\YYYX\\\\]YHYKHYH]\\\]][ۈ\H\YYYYH\]H L[ܙ[[8'[8'HH[ٙ[H[H\šYY\]][ۜ[\[ۋ]YH[Y][YܛXK[ؙ\ MK^H\HYH]H\\H\]][ۈ[HTH[[\]K'H\[[Y\H][YY]H\[H\X\][H\]][ۋSH8(SԑSS8(SPTS[HܘYX]YHH[]\]Hوܝ\[B]HK[]\XYX][ۋ[[KH]YXXœ]\X[[ NMH[YH[][]H[[][ܙ\[K\HH^YY[\XYBNN  NN Y\Z[[YܛXKH[YB]۝[H[][]H[[HXYX\[[H][^H[\۞K[H[^\XH[H][^H[\۞H[\H]\X\X܈[Y\[\܈HXYX\[ HۙXYH[]]\\X\[H[H[[][]H\š[[[\ˈ\[[Y\H[^YY]H[ BZ\\܈H][^H[\۞H]YY[[[\B[[ܙ[[[^x&\HY܈H]\[Y[Y[[[[Y\ MˈۈX\ N]  MHXYX\[[H^Z[[\[x&\\X[ۋ]H[B[HZ\H[܈[&\\\ˈ[H^\8'BY\ۈۘ\[H\[Y[H[^Y][][\YۙK\]^\[\\˸'B[H[ܙ[^Y\ۈ[[Y8'H[[[\\[YH^[ 'H[H[\[X]\’\Z^X]H[\Z]\ۈو[H]HY[^Z[]\܈ LYX\ˈ[H[YH[HۂHXۙY\^HوXX[۝]^\YH[X[\[[ܙ[[ [H\H L ^YX\Y[X\وH[H[H[\˜\[HH\Y[وHx&\XH\X”[Y\ˈ^H\HY[X\وH\\[[BY[X\وZ\X[H[و L[HX[XY[\][ۈ[\\YH][P[HY\H ]Y[[ܘXK[ۙ]HX[Z[\][\XH]\XZX\[˂^H[YYY[][H]X]HY\ۈ[ܘXK^H[HY[X[HوH[H[[[Z[\Y[[\[[H[[ܙ[[ [H[^HZY]YH[Z\ [[H\Y[ 8']\\[YHH]XHوY]Y\[]8&\[]][HXXY[ 8'H^HYK8'[]8&\H[YH^H\XH[[۝\^H^K\]Y[[H[[ܙ[[ \x&\[ܙH[[YYH[˸'HYB[]H܈^H[[KSPTKёPPTH M™Z^KBL