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ARTFULLY yours BY DAN CRAIG P Richard Stark Metal Sculptor Extraordinaire 78 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN ainting and sculpture are two forms of creative expression with very different processes to achieve the resulting work of art. Michelangelo, who was more than proficient in both disciplines, reportedly said that good painting is the kind that looks like sculpture. Painters typically apply paints to a canvas or other two- dimensional surface using brushes and palette knives, whereas sculptors create three-dimensional forms and shapes typically out of wood, metal, or stone and employ tools that are vast and varied, depending on the medium. The chosen medium for metal sculptor Richard Starks is sheets of steel and his tools are welders, saws, benders, grinders, plate rolls and drill presses, to name a few. In fact, his studio-workshop in the west Gilroy foothills has the appearance of a full-blown metal fabrication shop. “I have been collecting tools, equipment and skills since high school – almost 55 years now,” Starks reflects. “I wouldn’t consider my shop fully equipped but I do have what I need to do the work I am currently doing.” And what splendid work it is. Viewers of his finished art pieces would never guess they weren’t created out of a solid steel beam. Starks begins with sheets of twelve gauge COR-TEN steel that he bends, welds and sands to a smooth, seamless finish. COR-TEN, a U. S. Steel brand, is a metal made JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017