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People on the Street You’re in Charge… what is your New Year’s Resolution for the City for 2017? Following the election of November 2016, residents of Gilroy and Morgan Hill from many ages and walks of life responded to this question. Written By Amy McElroy Growth and development remain primary concerns for citizens in both Morgan Hill and Gilroy Betsy Ding, Retired Morgan Hill John Litzinger, Civil Engineer Gilroy “Our community must reflect balanced growth that includes affordable housing for young families with their new ideas and energy and a place for seniors with their storied experience that adds so much to our town. We also need a balance of light industry and businesses that will support jobs and open spaces for recreation and wildlife that will enrich our lives.” Concerned about the eventual location of the high-speed train (HST) station—the establish- ment of which was passed as part of Measure H in the November 2016 election. The station will either be located downtown or east of the Gilroy Outlets. “The location of the HST station will determine where and how dense the city will grow for the next 100 years. Cities always grow where there is infrastructure.” From the time Gilroy was first built around Llagas Creek, to when the town instead began to grow around the railroad, then increased in the same area as cars travelled parallel up Monterey Road, until Highway 101 took growth east toward the Gilroy Outlets, Litzinger explains that growth always follows the transportation hub. As a result, he wants to ensure a careful, considered choice is made for the city about the placement of HST station. Megan McCarthy, Student Gilroy High School Senior “My New Year’s resolution for Gilroy is to maintain the character of our small town without letting modernization and overpopulation take over the city I grew up in.” Other citizens are focused more specifically on development of activities for their cities. Owen McMillanm, Student Morgan Hill High School Senior Wants the city to develop more things for people to do—and not just for teenagers—saying, “You can only go to the movie theater and bowling alley for so long.” 64 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN Bertha Castillo, Student Gilroy — Attending California State University at Monterey Bay “The city needs a recreation center and a teen center. We need to give youth some- thing productive to do with their time.” JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017