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Chef Miriam is delightful. The graduate of Live Oak High School told us she studied cooking in Mexico and said “I just love what I do.” Owning a restaurant was not part of her grand plan, but when the former Japanese restaurant became available she knew it was just perfect. Family helped her with the remodeling. Chef Miriam attributes some of her flavorful dishes to the availability of amazing local fruits and vegetables. She would like to continue to expand her menu by bringing back some of the older dishes of Mexico. The menu does change as various items come in season. Chef Miriam recently hired a young chef from Mexico so more interesting dishes are in the works. LA NINA PERDIDA 35 E. Main Street Morgan Hill 408.465.4667 OPEN: Daily For Lunch & Dinner Guava and Prickly Pear. Our visually delightful and aromatic entrees arrived. Addie chose the Caritas (Michoacán style simmered pork. Tender and flavorful, made in a 50-year-old cooper case using traditional ingredients and spices. Served with house spicy cole slaw, grilled avocado, tomatillo sauce and limes.) The dish was flavorful beyond expectations. It did not take much of the spicy hot tomatillo sauce and spicy slaw to perfectly complement the carnitas. J. Chris had the house special Chiles en Nogada. The dish mimics the colors of the Mexican flag with its white nut sauce, green pablano chilies and the bright red pomegranate seeds. It was stunning and delicious…and unique! The chilis were filled with a peccadillo mixture of fresh fruits, pine nuts, spices and meat in a heavy almost sweet cream sauce… deli- cious! The Chiles en Nogada were espe- cially appropriate as we were dining on September 19, Mexican Independence Day. I ventured into a very fancy surf and turf variation, Cielo, Mar Y Tierra (Semi-boneless quail, a Venison Filet and Spanish Octopus served with Peruvian purple mashed potatoes and the vegetable of the day.) Mine came with a marvelous deep burgundy hibiscus puree reduction. The plate was a feast for the eyes, nose and pallet. Everything came together won- derfully. Ron asked for the Enchiladas Michoacanas (Made to order. Pan fried cor ѽѥ͕ٕ́ͥɔݕ)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)9=Y5 H 5 H)ɥͅՍݥѠɕ)=ᅍ͔ѽݥѠ)Սѽѽ̰ٽѽѼ)ͅՍՕͼɕ͍MٕݥѠɥ)ٕх̸Iͅq%Ё݅́Ё)ѡ͔ݥѠ́ѡ)݅́t%͡I)ɕЃqI䁝t)́ݔݕɔɅѡٕ) 5ɥY̰ݥѠ)ݼ̸͕Q݅́ɔ)ՉхѥٔɅѡɵ)Ё̰ݥѠЁѡɥ)ݕЁ)19ńAɑ́ɕɭ) ЁeЁȁݡЁԁѡ)5᥍qхɥѿt)ˊͽɅɑ)5᥍եͥ)ѽ乍(