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BUSINESS NEWS Young Sign Company Y oung Sign Company was started in 1934 by Elmer O. Young. They have been in their current location since 1945. Elmer was a young budding artist, and at his high school teacherʼs suggestion he got his first job designing signs at the Strand Theater. Since the theater did not have movie posters in those days, Elmer worked in the basement of the Strand to design and paint posters of upcoming movies. Richard Young followed in his fatherʼs foot- steps in terms of his artistic ability — including having the same high school art teacher. Richard originally began his career as a painter and sculptor. He taught sculpture, painting and computer graphics at Gavilan College and in Stockton from 1970 through 1994. Young Sign Company is a custom sign company that creates an image for the business, not just the sign. The signage includes everything from gold leaf on a door to a 55-foot auto mall freeway sign. Young Sign Company believes that a sign is a powerful advertising tool and they are committed to creating excellence. Young Sign Company can be reached at 408-842-4145. Th e Bounce Squad T he Bounce Squad team is a family owned and operated small business that was established in early 2015 to help kids and families enjoy special days and events. They specialize in new and exciting bounce house obstacle courses. They are dedicated to providing a safe and clean jumping experience. You may have participated in one of their jump houses at the Gilroy Chamberʼs Garlic City Car Show, National Night Out in Downtown Gilroy or at the Freedom Fest in Morgan Hill. They have great products such as The Rain Forest Run Obstacle Course, Air Drop Obstacle Course, Tiki Island or the Ultra Combo. Visit their website for more infor- mation at or call 408-767-8037. Smith Tree Specialists, Inc. M REMEMBER, HONOR & TEACH NATIONAL REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY Saturday, December 17, 2016 at 9:00 am. Help Us Place Wreaths on Veteranʼs Graves at Gavilan Hills Memorial Park & St. Mary Catholic Cemet \K[B[] H[Y]\K[ܙ[[ӔԈHԑPU܈ۛH MK [ܛX][ێX\\\  K ‘ۘ][ۜ]\HXYHBݙ[X\  Mۛ[H][Kܙ܈]B[H[X\و[Y\K H[۝\^HY] HZ] [\[XY\ܚ\܈Z]YHXX[\\[TH\YYY\ܚ\ݚY[]X[]HYHX[\H\X\[][H\H[K[۝\^H[[[][H\X\܈ݙ\ YX\˂\\YYYHH[\][ۘ[Y]Hو\ܚX[\H[ NNLK[HY[\X[Z\Y[YH\HYY[[YH[ NNM[X\[H[]]YHH\\BZ[H[Z[H\[\[ܚ][HYH\H[\K[H][YKB[Z[H\ܛۈ[\H\[\ˈ^H]H\Yݙ\ K L Y[[B]Y\و[K[ܙ[[ [K[H\K\]H[]\[\œ\HX[Y[Y[\\[[Y\B[\[Y\][\[\\[\\˂Z]YHXX[\[ˋݚY\œ\X\[H\XHو[Y\X[][Y[ ۜX[ۈ]HYB\\][ۋ[[ܚY\[\Z\[˂Z\\X\[[YHۜ[[˜[\\[[[YH[[ݘ[ [\ܚ[[X[[X[YH[XXYۛ[\X\KX[B\وܛH[XYH[[\BX[Y[Y[HH]ˈ۝XZ]YHXX[\]  M̌NM ܈Y\XX[\˘KSH8(SԑSS8(SPTSՑSPTPSPT MZ^KB