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Normally, there are many long wooden boards bracing a guitar on the inside, so it doesn’t cave in from the pressure of the strings – about 180 pounds – and around the center hole, which creates a severe weak spot. The Boulder Creek design uses two lengthwise, aluminum suspended braces, allowing the wood to move and vibrate, with only three regular braces. The suspension system allows the sound to continue instead of stopping, and musicians can feel it through their bodies. “The sound goes on and on,” Juli said. That’s why they’re able to list more than 100 artists —including Sarah McLachlan, Air Supply, Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac, and Rascal Flatts — who use Boulder Creek instruments. Their signature look is the instruments without a center hole, with a small side hole for musicians to hear the sound. However, they also offer their instruments with or without the traditional center hole. “Some people were uncomfortable with a solid front,” Jeff explains. “So, when we do sell the standard looking instruments, the center hole was really added for aesthetics—for placebo.” While Jeff would love to make all Boulder Creek’s products in the United States, he’s committed to making a quality product for musicians who can’t a ܙ[Hܝ[HۈZ\[[Y[˂[Y\[[HY[ۙYHZ]\[[HY[\[\]\X[Y ]H[&]YܙHZ]\]H[]H[YK][HYX\]HH[ۙ^K]\]\Yۋ[\ܙYZZ]\š\ܙX]YH [܈  \Y\[[\\H\B[[Y[XYH[HTH܈HܙX]\[\Y[ [X H[YHY[œY]\Z]\\\KBXZ[[[Y[܈[\ܙYZ‘Z]\[[KY&\H[][]H[]\X][X][\\[\\Z]\Hܙ]\[[ܙ[[ۈB[Y[ܜ\[\Y^Z[H[\]YX\ [۝[BYY[X\[[^[YܘYH[Y H\Y\ܛZ[ۈH[\[[Y BX[] MY\Y^Z[Z]\܈[]YH]\\\']\X\Y[^HHYK8'HHZY Y]\[ݙY[H NN [[ NNKYYH][^H\XH܂ܚ\Z]\[X[YH\KB\X]ܚ][ۙˈ]H]\YH\XH[ NNM[ܛYY[X\X[%HX\X\\][ۂY]x%^Z[]H\X\][ [Y[[Y]H^B\XK]HYX\]\[ NNNKH[[X[YHۙHوH\[]\XX[^H][[\Y\X\P[KZHY[HZY 8'H[^\Y]\X܈]\][˸'HHܙ]\[[X[H\HH]Y[[\š[[[܈Y[Y [^YY\[][H[ [H[˜YK][X[H[ݙY[YܛXB܈\\Y\[۝[YY]\[\š[[Y[\ۜ[^\Y\[\[\[]\X˂[H[ݙY[H[ NNK]BYX\]\HY]Y]H][^B[][]H\[[K\HB\[[[H\^Z[[\˂[HY]YHZY 8'[H]BXH\[ۈ܈\x'H[Y\YBXYHHX\[\]H\ ۙH^KHY\Z]\ݙ\š\\K[^H[܈YH\˂H[Y[]\[H]\[۞BX]\H]\[HH\]KHZY ']8&\\]^HX\X\ 'B]^KY[N8'H]HHYY›ۈY\^KH۸&][H[]YO'Hݙ\Y\H[Y\[š] YX\]\^H\HX\YY [^x&]HY[[[]\܈[YX\˂Y[[H\ܛH][\]\[\][[\Y\\Y[SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSՑSPTPSPT Mܙ][K[K[\\]^B\[[\ˈ[[HX[&\Z[\ ^HۘH^YY]HY[و[B[[ܚYܛx&\[X][ۈوYKYZY 8'\\ۙHو^HܙX]\ۛܜ˜X]\HܛH\H^HܙX]\[Y[KYHYXۙK'B[H^Z[Y 8'[\Y]HYBHܙو[] H܈YBHYZ˸'H^H]YY^H[Y]Y[ܚ[]HٙXH[[[[YB]Z\]HY[]Hܘ[Y˂'HX] M\ܛX[\HYX\'BY]YY Y[8'Y][Y\HZHœ^K8&Y[H^HH^K&H[H\8&™[H[H[YH^H\]X\ž[H&H]]8&\H\K'BX]\HY[[H\H\ܛY\[\[\^H]HH[\]YKX\KB[[][ۜ\]H\\˜\HZ\\Y\ˈ8'ۙHوH[\]YB[X][\ܙYZZ]\\]H]HH\\&H\]\H[Bو\Z]\\[Y\ˈ]H۸&]YZ[K8'HH^Z[Y 8'H۸&][Z\X[Y\ˈ]8&\X\H][H[][ۋB\]\X]\Hx&\H\\Xx&\HHZ\[K'BY\^YYۜYH]\B][[]H[[%HXY[\܈XܝZ\KۘHY[[B\X\][][ۜ\ ^HYY]B\\܈[X[[\[[˜X][Z[H[Y˂']8&\[X][][ۜ\ 8'HYZY HZ\[\YY\[Z\YZ\]\Y^[[\و\\\Y\^HY][H[\ۙHY[Z[KZ^KB