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when Andrew was a student of Mr. K’s. Mr. K’s influence also shines through the selection of the material, as Andrew indicates: “Shakespearean productions were a regular part of the program when Bill Kilipstine was the director years ago.” As a result, the current theater department’s goals include the intention that Shakespeare be performed every other year as part of the repertoire. Specific to this season’s Macbeth, Andrew says, “Working on this production is unique and exciting for several reasons. Not only is every member of our cast new to Shakespeare, but most are work- ing on a three-quarter thrust stage for the first time.” He explains, “In this unusually intimate arrangement, the audience sits on three sides of the performance area, very close to the performers (in rows only three or four chairs deep).” Andrew adds, “Everyone will feel like they have a front-row seat to Macbeth’s murderous plot! The cast and I are working to develop a grand sense of Shakespeare’s language to pair with an ultra-realistic, up-close acting style.” In addition to continuing Mr. K’s tradition of Shakespeare curriculum, Andrew says, “Mr. K had a very student-led program, with a student house manager, student light designer, etc. The program was built on passing on knowledge to the next generation. Seniors taught the younger generation. It ran like clockwork. It was invisible.” Andrew wants to recreate that system for his own students. “This is the first graduating class this year who could have been with us from the beginning of that system.” He hopes to see some of that knowledge moving forward. “You have to have some kind of creative something. You’re right,” Janell says to Andrew. She recalls trying to sort out choreography to a particular song. “I remember showing up the church and listening to the music 15 times in the car, and I figured out how to do it.” Her patience and persistence paid off when she served as Nordstrom Elementary School’s theater program director for seven years, working with up to 80 kids per year—some as young as first graders. While there was tremendous parent support and organiza- tion, the shows were quite elaborate and there wasn’t really a stage, so they would build a stage and sets from the ground up each time. When Andrew graduated from Nordstrom and left its theater program, he also largely abandoned the acting scene because there was no theater program at Britton Middle School. Instead he immersed himself in the world of scenic design for Nordstrom’s productions and continued to work with his family. In South County and beyond, Andrew is known for his elaborate sets, which he has designed using a series of sophisticated computer software programs over the years. Janell and Andrew both spent significant time working on sets and direction at South Valley Community Theater in Morgan Hill. Janell directed a number of teen shows, using those people skills and her own experience raising four teenage boys to wrangle kids into the characters she needed them to be. Andrew has been very successful designing highly complex and extravagant sets that challenged his family and other members of the community to build. A Family Rooted In Community Theater Experience New Goals For Live Oak Theater Guild’s Future Before learning from \܈\[^K[][\\% X]][][%X\YHZ\[\\˜Y[ܙX][]ܙ[ܘ\H[\X[^\\ۙ\[][[Y[X\\]H\[[\ܛX[X]\Z[[ˈ[XYH\HX[و^\Y[K]Y[[BX]\\[Y\Z\[Z[H\Y[[Y] H]Yœ^Z[8'Y][Y\H\H[]H][YH\H[Z[K'BY H^\^x&]HX\Y\X]]]Xݙ\\ٝ[[[\Y\ܚ[X]\]H[\[[H[ [۝[Y\\H^KܘYX[HZ[ݙ\܂H\[ܘ[H\X܋H]Y[[Y\H\ YܘYB[][YH[H\^KH[[K8']8&\[[\][ [HZY 8&[KۙH[H\[] &x'HH]B[[\\H]H\\\HY^H\\[B[Z[[H NNL8&\YHو]X[ܜX\\Z[ZHHܙ8'\8'H]و8'\X\8'HXHYHۙ˜[[H[HZ][[\\˂HY\\Z[[\X[H\K[\\و\X[H^Z[8'Y[H\HH[H]\[[Hۛœ[H\K[[Hۛ^H[HX]\H[HXY[[K'HH[^Z[HYY܈]Y[H[^X[]K']8&\X[[\܈[[x&\Hܚ[]YΈ^K]Y&]ܚ^[YHHZX\[ HYYHY][[H˜[]]وY[ۙKH\H[H]YY\˸'B][][Y[X\\&\ܙX]]H[[Yܝ™[X\\H^\\8'H[Y[X\ۘH\B\YH\][[H\]Z]H[[[[H\YBH[H\[]\HX[\X^\Y[K]YHZ\܂ۈHܛ[ [[HXYH]و\\]\H[ܙX]]H[\ۛY[ 'H][][[[\[ۘ[HYHوH\[[Z[\\H][]YX]]HZ[\KX[H[\\]HY[\]Y [H[]]\Yx&YHXX[]\Y H^\8'HYZ[\][ۂ\\H\ܝ]H[]\HܙX]]H]]Hو[ܜ\ 'B]8&\[H]܈[ܞH[[Z[[H8'Zx'B[Y[Hݙ\ݚYK8']8&\[[\X\Xܛ\ 8'HH^\˂\[XHܙH^\[]Y8'H]BY[^K8&Hۛ[\&x'B[[Y8']8&\[YH[H˸'B\HX]\\\Y[Y\[۝X]X\[Z[X\[][\[X\H[\ܙX]HHYHXH܈Y›X^HY[YܝXH[]\Hۈ[\\ˈ]H[YH[YK[]^\ۙHوHY[ٙX\&H[\[H[ܙBY[X]\\Xܜ[]X H[ܛ\[[وYKx&\X\Y]H\ܙ\ۈ]۝ ][[ܙHܙX]H[\[ێY[ۛ][[ۙH[\X\]H[X]\[]\[Z[[[[ܙHXܘ][ۈH\\\Y[ˈ܈H\[YH]]HZ\Y[[BZ[[]܈HX]\X[ۈ\[XXؙ] [B\[ۈX\][[Y\˂\HX]\\\Y[[܈H\X\\[BX\[Z[X[Z\K^HH\Y][ۈ[[Z[H[ܙHXH]YY[H\H[ܙX]HHXH[H[][]B\H[H[[Z]]\]HZ&\X[ۜˈ\YX\^HܙX]YHX[\\[ۈوHX[Z\H\^H[HؘK\YX\HX[Z\H[HHX[\X[[Y\]BۙۈY][HؘK][XYYXܜ[[[\X]BX]\^\Y[H[Y[X[YH]X[[[ܙKSH8(SԑSS8(SPTSՑSPTPSPT MZ^KBN