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Written By Robin Shepherd • Small businesses account for nearly three-quarters of all businesses in Morgan Hill. • Employers with less than 9 employees generate $1.1 million in sales tax revenue to the City of Morgan Hill. Shop Gilroy – Spice up the Holidays Garlic may have put Gilroy on the map, but Gilroy is about more than garlic. Tammy Brownlow, President of the Gilroy Economic Development Corporation (GEDC), offers this perspective: “Support the local economy in your shopping decisions. Keep the money in the community. Think about the multiplier effect. For every $10 spent at a local biz, $7 stays here through taxes, payroll and other expenditures.” “Many of our local merchants generate a majority of their annual revenue during the holiday season. Local sales taxes going to the city general fund do help pay for our police, fire department, road maintenance and parks. To the extent that it replaces local shopping, online purchases cut into those sales tax revenues. “Shopping local really has a broad impact on local economies. In Gilroy we have about 1,800 small businesses — not just retail products, but all types of goods and services — that account for 75% of all the jobs in the City, about 16,000 jobs. We have a positive pull factor with high quality retail outlets that bring people from outside in. But it’s our local businesses that really generate revenue for the city with very little retail leakage. “It’s been well documented that small business own- ers serve on commissions and boards, give to local non- profits, and are more attached to H[][]KHB\X\x&]HY[YH]X\\وX[\[\[\\B\Y[K[[X[\[\\]\[H܂ܝ[]Y\\[\]XX\HQܚ][H[YH[\H[B۝ۈ\X][ۈ[[x&\[X\و[Y\H\[\H]Hو[K'[Hۛ]8&\[\ܝ[\ܝHX[[\[\\]]8&\[^\وZ[[ۜ[Y\^Z[X\[ۜ˂Y[[YHܛۘKܙ[]܈܈[H۝ۂ\[\\X][ۈ JKZY\[HY^HX\ۂ\x&\ۙXܘ][ۈ]Y[KH[B[X\۝ۈY\[[[ۜٚ][\\›و\ܝ[XX[][[Y[HY^H\YKܛۘH[[YX]x&\[[Y[\HY[X\وH[YܛXHXZ[Y]\[\[X[H SPJK'x&]HYYSPx&\\\[\XۋBۈ]][^][ۈ[ܙ\ܙX]HXۛZX][]KB[\]YH[HوXK[Hۙ[Z]Y[B[][]HH[ZZ\ˈHܛYY[Z]Y\™\K݂K[] B][Kܙ˜KZ[ܙš]Xܙœ]\X؜Z[B[\˙݂ܘY˙݂ܙY[Y[˘BXYH\HXYH[\\\]\X ˂SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSՑSPTPSPT MZ^KB